Posted October 15th, 2007 in Media Players


As the launch of the 2nd generation Microsoft’s-little-ipod-killer is set up, we made a little work on gathering all details and compiling them together.

Microsoft claims that the Zune is now a much superior option compared to the iPod.

Launch date, according to Amazon, is November 13.

  • WiFi only in background.
  • Zune Pass (the monthly subscription scheme) work with the 1 million DRM free songs, but all songs you download with the Zune Pass will still be wrapped in DRM to be recognized as a rental.
  • Wireless syncing will automatically sync one minute after activity is stopped as long as you’re in Wi-Fi range and attached to a power source (dock, AC adapter). You can manually trigger the Wi-Fi sync as well even without being connected to power.
  • Syncing will interrupt any activity you’re currently doing.
  • The Zune and Zune Software now supports lossless audio. Windows Media Lossless. Why no FLAC?
  • All the old accessories are compatible with the new devices
  • Screens are now made of glass as opposed to plastic in the 30GB
  • The Flash Zunes, even though smaller, have the same resolution as the 80GB Zune.
  • Zune Social, the social networking site, will launch in beta. You won’t be able to send songs through Zune Social, just pointers to 30 second clips of what you’re listening to
  • The brown isn’t discontinued (it’s still in the 30GB models), but they say green is the new fashionable color, so they’re going with that in the Flash models
  • You can connect it to Xbox 360 “to create your own soundtrack” whatever this means
  • The new Zune dock offers component out with the 80GB, composite out with the 30GB, and no video out for the 4/8.

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