cute01.jpgA5525SA by Sanyo is quite sweet candy phone. The clamshell is available in pink, yellow and blue colors.

It is preloaded with girlie programs like secret diary and a journal for keeping writing day to day events along with photographs. The phone features a 2.4 inch (240 x 320 pixel) internal display supporting 260k colors, 1 inch external color display, 30 MB internal memory, 1.3 Megapixel camera and a Micro SD card for memory expansion. And it is splashproof.

However the most interesting features is the Crime buzzer - all the girl has to do is pull a knob on the phone which activates a loud crime prevention buzzer! It is sure enough to scare the stalker or any pervert person. Simultaneously a Voice Call or Video Call will be automatically sent to the specified recipient of the child along with the child’s location information using the GPS. Nice job and good looking too.


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