transformers-earphones.jpgHow many times have you wanted to wear Transformers on your ears? None you say? Well that’s just weird. These Transformer headphones allow you to wear your choice of Frenzy or Ramble on your ears. We just hope they don’t transform into a bull horn or something while on our ears.

The headphones come with a retractable cord for easy transportation and knot forming, and is a great way to show off your fanboy-ism to all of the other They Might Be Giants listeners of the world. Available now for $38.

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Posted on July 29th, 2007

{…] Transform your music life” with Takara Tomy and these cool Transformers that hide on the side of your head, disguised as earphones. Each of these headphones feature a transformer component that you can change into either Frenzy or Rumble, whether or not you’re listening to your music at the time, and there’s even a retracting cord winder to keep your cables from tangling […]

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