Toshiba TS605Toshiba presented ‘TS605′, its 10.3-mm thick slim mobile phone. The TS605 features 1.9″ 176×220 pixel TFT display in 262,000 colours, a 1.3 megapixel digital camera, microSD expandable memory (up to 1Gb, but there’s only 5.5Mb on board), Bluetooth, an MP3/AAC and video clip player, FM radio, email client and WAP browser. All of that fits into a handset weighing only 79 grams. It will be available in pink and green color targeting young generation.

On the minus side, the TS605’s talktime is a pretty short 2.5 hours with 6 days standby time.. so it does appear that the light weight has been achieved at least partly through a trade-off with battery capacity.

This handset is aimed at the European market, and unlike earlier Toshiba devices which tended to be very high end (such as the Toshiba TS921) or quite low end (the Toshiba TS10), the Toshiba TS605 is pitched more at the midrange market.

No price yet but it should be available in store soon.

Source: AVING

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