logitech_g9-4.jpgLogitech is on a roll. Even after unveiling five kick-ass products (V220 mouse, QuickCam Pro webcams, MX Air mouse, VX Nano mouse, and Wave keyboard/mouse) in the past one-and-half months the firm today announced two new products. You are already familiar with G9 mouse, right? The G9 gaming mouse provides PC gamers “the ability to modify nearly every part of the G9 mouse for the best personal fit, feel and performance.”

It features two interchangeable grips (Wide-Load grip and Precision grip), onboard memory, custom-color LED, adjustable dpi and weight-tuning tray. It allows you to customize mouse’ weight, you can insert up to four additional weights in the mouse’s weight tray, adding up to a maximum of 28 grams. The onboard memory lets you store five profiles with different specified keyboard macros, dpi settings and LED color settings. It offers a range of 200 dpi to 3200 dpi and MicroGear Precision Scroll Wheel for hyper-fast scrolling. Logitech also announced that they’ve updated G15 gaming keyboard with native support from the most popular games for its exclusive GamePanel LCD screen, a backlighted 160 by 43 pixel screen that gives gamers critical information to help them win. Both of them are priced at $100 and will be available from September.

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Posted on August 4th, 2007

[…] To help gamers get the best fit, the Logitech G9 mouse features a wealth of customizable features, including two interchangeable grips: Wide-Load grip and Precision grip. Designed to deliver comfort even during the longest gaming sessions, the Wide-Load grip provides a fuller shape and soft-touch, satin feel, while the Precision grip’s DryGrip™ technology and compact shape offer fingertip control and a surer handle for any hand. Logitech expects to offer additional grips at a later date. […]

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