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Yesterday we wrote about new Sony camera DSC-T2 with 4 gb Flash memory onboard. And today I’ve found this.


This picture of 2-nd generation Nanos is dated September 12-th, 2006 while those glossy Sony’s digital cameras are freshly baked.

Whether Sony’s designers and art directors are Apple fanboys or it’s just a custom and usual industry steal, Sony should change it’s motto to like.no.other.except.some.

(via Japanese Engadget )


Sony has announced some changes in PS3 prices! The 80GB model now costs $499, instead of $599. The lower-end model with a 60GB drive was for $499. So the new 40GB one will debut on November 2 for $399. The new 40GB one won’t be able to play games made for the PlayStation 2. The 40GB model has been much anticipated after Sony announced it for Japan and Europe. So the PS3 is cheaper but not the cheapest.

The Xbox 360 costs $350 and Nintendo’s Wii is $250. Sony has sold 5 million PlayStation 3s since they went on sale in November last year.

hdwalk1.jpgIf you love taking videos with your HDV cameras, but would love to actually watch them in all of their glory while you’re on vacation or in a remote area, you might have just lucked out. Sony has announced the world’s first HD video Walkman, a portable outlet for HD video. The Sony GV-HD700E will play HDV 1080i as well as miniDV tapes.

tdmnc1.jpgThe latest Digital Media Port accessory from Sony is the TDM-NC1. This cube, when connected to the BRAVIA’s DMP let’s you stream music from your PC straight to your home theater; via the home WiFi network. The cube features a bright, digital screen that displays the song, artist and other audio information. It is equipped with ethernet port for wired connection. But it is not compatible with Apple computers. It requires PC with Microsoft Windows XP SP2 operating system or newer.

Available for $200.

img_seriesimage_fe.jpgThe VAIO C and FE Series are now presented as VAIO Graphic Splash Edition. The Graphic Splash Edition laptops include Pink Blossom and Weathered Red C series notebooks, Charcoal Blossom and Weathered Blue FE series, as well as laptops with Dots Black / White and Dots Brown / Turquoise patterns. The13.3-inch widescreen Sony VAIO C as well as the15.4-inch widescreen VAIO FE series laptops are empowered with Intel Core 2 Duo processors, and feature DVD burners and built-in 802.11 a/b/g wireless connections.

The VAIO C “Graphic Splash Edition” notebooks start at about $1,250 while the FE models start at about $1,000.

energy.jpgSony Energy LINK USB portable power supply and adaptor comes with two AA rechargeable Cycle Energy batteries, which connects regular alkaline batteries and the NiMH rechargeable batteries. It fully charges in about 3 hours. The triple function of Sony USB portable power supply as a power adaptor, portable power supply and battery charger is the first of its kind to be combined into one device. The new power supply is compatible with most USB-compatible MP3 players, mobile phones and other USB-powered devices.

The Sony Energy LINK will be available early this summer for a price of about $35.

sony_headphones.jpgThese headphones are a dreamthing. Wireless and clear in sound output, these are known to isolate all the sound around so that you can enjoy a perfectly clear sound output, wirelessly. Support wireless protocols like A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, and HSP. With a support for operating frequencies between 20 and 20,000 Hz, the headphones also promise high fidelity sound and a playtime of 17 hours before the next charge. This one’s called the DR-BT50. And there is a lighter weight DR-BT21G. It weighs a mere 63 grams and comes in black and white colors.

The price is still unknown but what we see here is a probable favorite of the season


sonymdr_nc60.jpg If you need new headphones, noise canceling technology is sure to wow your friends if they ever take a look. While the prices for noise canceling are constantly falling, take a look at these nice new Sony headphones. The MDR-NC60 has been released in Japan for about $200. These noise cancelers make sure that those pesky people surrounding you will not be a problem anymore.

So what else does $200 get you? One thing is better quality padding around your ears, which provides for a better and more comfortable seal to help keep your music in and other sounds out. Another cool little addon is the airplane adapter so that you can plug your MDR-NC60 into those odd jacks. AAA batteries fuel the headphones for about 30 hours, a good deal longer than the longest plane ride. And if the people around you are all asleep (one can only dream), just turn off the noise canceling to save power.

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psp-champagne-gold.jpg Sony announces Japan’s release for the end of February 2007 of a new PSP Champagne Gold to celebrate 20 million PSPs sold by Sony all around the world.

That noble-colored device will be 20790 Yens or about $135 and there will be no bottle of Moet & Chandon with it to celebrate the event.

VAIO TP1 At the CES 2007 Sony will show a new interesting system called VAIO?