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Canon updates its bestselling PowerShot range with an affordable new models: the Canon PowerShot A450, 460 and A550. A450 replaces the PowerShot A420. They add improved specifications while retaining the point-and-shoot simplicity. Compact and lightweight, the Canon PowerShot A450, A550 and A460, compact cameras offer the superb build quality found throughout the PowerShot range. The new PowerShot A450 and A550 feature a Movie mode for VGA quality clips with audio of up to 60 minutes in length or 1GB file size (whichever is reached first). Movies and photos can be viewed on a TV via the AV out connection. Technical features and pictures belowcanon_powershot_a450.jpg

prodadv_530_540a.jpg Who is doing quality assurance these days? First laptops blowing up, then weak straps resulting in household damages, and now this — overheating camera battery covers. While nowhere nearly as serious as the exploding laptop trend, Canon is warning owners of the PowerShot A530 and A540 that the cases’ doors can become extremely hot. Additionally, there will be a significant decrease in performance, resulting in a lot less pics of the holidays than you would have hoped. Those folks realizing that they have an affected camera can have Canon replace it at no charge.

Source: Engadget