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This new Ibiza player has a full subscription to the Rhapsody-To-Go service, you’ll be able to download over 4 million tracks wirelessly to your player whenever you’ve got a Wi-Fi connection. The player also has built-in bluetooth for wireless headphone connectivity. The player offers a bright 320×240 Samsung color display, and can also play back video content from the Rhapsody store. Like the Zune, it’s also got an FM radio with RDS service. It’s even got a web browser built in, but I can’t imagine how challenging that would be to navigate sans keyboard. [more]

beyonce.jpgSamsung and Beyonce teamed-up to promote the SGH-F300 Ultra Music phone. The advertising campaign featuring the super star kicks off in April starting from Europe and CIS and expanding to other countries where Samsung Ultra Music phones are available. In addition, Ultra Music mobile users will have exclusive access to Beyoncé’s latest hit «Irreplaceable,» which comes embedded in their mobile phones.

Geesung Choi, President of Samsung Electronics’ Telecommunication Business, explained: «The Ultra Music is the perfect solution for all music lovers on the move. The combination of superior sound quality, dedicated user-friendly music controls, and mobile phone features will drive today’s music phone segment.»

The Samsung Ultra Music F300 has a novel dual-face handset design and 2 Megapixel camera, Micro SD card slot, FM radio, 100 MB internal memory, Bluetooth and a crisp color display. The triband GSM phone is just 9.4 mm thick.