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Posted December 5th, 2007 in Media Players

They tease us with new limited edition Zunes Goods-branded version, which looks to come in both 8GB and 80GB models


 And so, we made a coverage on every limited Zune since this pink one.


As new Zunes disappointing battery data is official now, we can relax, take our time and compare these two creations from Apple and Microsoft. Zune 80 quite compares with Ipod 80GB Classic, though it’s battery resourses seem to be weaker, but what about Ipod touch? What’s more important — gigabytes or sweet multitouch screen and the bigger price? It’s harder to choose between flash Zune and Ipod Nano, it’s up to you — WiFi or 1.8 inch screen? Looking forward to Novemver, we created useful comparative tables for your entartaiment and argues.

They are below the link with some more battery data and “premium” Microsoft earphones. Enjoy!


Posted October 15th, 2007 in Media Players


As the launch of the 2nd generation Microsoft’s-little-ipod-killer is set up, we made a little work on gathering all details and compiling them together.

Microsoft claims that the Zune is now a much superior option compared to the iPod.

Launch date, according to Amazon, is November 13.


blu_sens_g14.jpg WiFi, the latest and greatest feature addition that seems to ensure heavy press if you integrate it, right or wrong doesn’t matter. Here we have the Blu:sens G14 that has integrated the WiFi in a way that makes you wonder what Microsoft was thinking. Blu:sens will allow users so share songs with others wirelessly, and the recipients will be able to keep the data for good. DRM is out the window in this situation.