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Oh, and by the way, here is a sweet company to our luxury pack. These are iPhones, encrusted with hundreds of diamonds. The creator of this mod, Amosu, is known for loading up mobile phones with precious gems and metals. This precious iPhone has 420 diamonds (5.65 carats), and can be set in 18-karat white or yellow gold.

This iPhone — over $40,000. Reading Gadgetsmonkey.com — priceless.

We already have one million dollar laptop, but we have found the complete set for extra-luxury. The Luvaglio laptop activates only when you insert the unique colored diamond that’s included, making the gem a power button, security device, and conversation starter all rolled into one. but you’ll surely need a mouse, speakers and some USB flash device.

See the whole set inside of this article.


Remember that posh diamond flash drive by St. Dupont? Now it’s not only one in this market.


Bissol’s 4 GB flash drive weights around 0.1 ounce, and makes it’s presence felt because it is available in either original brass or nickel-plated finishes. This ReadyBoost-compatible drive is machined in the same way as traditional Swiss watches are.

Bissol 4 GB flash drive costs $260 and it’s available online.


touchmate.jpgOh noes, here goes another bling-bling luxury phone. Touchmate TM-M800 is hotter than any desert, the phone has an etched floral pattern on the back and a Swarovski Crystal, plum above the center of the screen. It features a 1.3 MP camera, a TFT color display, USB support, 128MB of memory, and can play MP3 and MP4 files for a media player feature. But according to the Touchmate guys, it’s “the world’s smallest mobile phone (1.2 inches by 3.5 inches) with built-in MP3, MP4, camera and diamonds”. Yeah, diamonds, for sure.

The Touchmate TM-M800 is gold for girls and the silver for boys. Male one is hotter, as for me.