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The company just released ten new colors for the player in addition to the existing five available. It might mean that they are selling it well, which is a real wonder to us.

No word on prices or capacities, so they’re still with 1GB and a $50. There’s another photo inside of this article.


iriver_2.jpgThe iRiver T50 PMP is really like that unit among all the pmp’s. With 1GB of flash memory and 52 hours of playback, this player is something a die hard music addict can trip on. Playback can be monitored on the 1-inch CSTN LCD. It comes with support for MP3, OGG and WMA DRM10 audio and can also read BMP images. You can also find a FM tuner and voice recorder in this one. And it runs on a single AAA battery. Impressive. In black or white.

The iRiver T50 will cost 9,980 yen ($85) when it shows up on Japanese turn on 14th April.