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Posted January 30th, 2007 in Miscellaneous

iluv-i182.jpgThe iLuv i182 dock helps to record video content to another iPod or certain media cards. The entire setup consists of a dock and an adapter that helps in recording of video to various external media. It can transfer media to both SD and MMC cards. It provides with the capability of recording media from various sources like DVD players, TV sets, camcorders, etc. Time intervals can be set to each recording so that you can regulate your record time and memory consumed. These intervals range from 30, 60, 120, or 180 minutes. It is also possible to synch the device with a PC or a Mac. With all these capabilities, we can say that here’s another well thought of accessory to the ever flexible iPod.

No idea how much the iLuv i182 will cost.
It’ll be availible in March for $229.99, thanks for the comment.

via iLounge

iviewpvp.jpg The transition from people using portable DVD players to playing video from portable devices is in full force right now. While those portable DVD players were great while they lasted, they suffered from the same problem portable CD and tape players suffered from: the CD or tape. The Sakar iView is solving the problem of video through the solution of the iPod. You just plug your iPod into the dock, and it both plays your videos on it 7″ screen and charges your iPod. Suppose that you don’t want to limit it to your iPod, you can always use its audio and video inputs to play other content. So you probably already have an iPod, just pay $150 for the iView, buy a few videos from iTunes, and you are set you go for that cross-country road trip.

micromemo.jpg New from Marubeni Infotech Japan is this MicroMemo mic for your 2nd gen iPod Nano. Besides recording yourself singing to your favorite tunes, there??

tak10694.jpgThis Apple-licensed dock has a transforming Optimus Prime up front, in iPod white that matches generation 1 model. In the back, the trailer folds, and transforms into a Pod dock. Get your preorder in before July when they ship. Does it makes proper sound while transforming I wonder? And yes, Megatrone iPod dock would be also great and, please, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles iPod speakers.

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iPhone iPhone

One of the most overhyped gadgets ever.

I’m not impressed with the iPhone. As a PDA user and a Windows Mobile user, this thing has nothing on my phone. It sure is good at what it was designed for, a phone that entertains and talks… other than that, I don’t see much potential. How am I supposed to put appointments on the phone with no stylus or keyboard?!

No keyboard is a bit worrisome. Apparently many people don’t realize how bad of an idea a touch-screen is on a phone. I foresee some pretty obvious and pretty major problems here.

I also wonder about the software stability. They are not letting people touch them at MacWorld, rather you can only see it in a glass case. This leads me to believe they have a lot of kinks to work out in the software, which makes me question their June schedule.

Resolution is 480 x 320, given 16:9 aspect ratio, 3.5 inches and “160 pixels per inch” (jobs). I’d say “highest resolution” is a big lie. Its funny how people are “orgasming” when you haven??™t even seen it being used or a real presentation of it just a mockup graphic on the screen.

PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3 was one of the most anticipated products in the gaming market. Yet we are calling it one of the top 5 failures because the hype didn’t lead to a huge launch.

Well, the launch was “huge” for those that attended the events and waited in long lines. We think they mean “huge” in shock, scale and massive unit sales.

First, one can only move units if one can get their hands on units, right? TechDiversions.com was unable to get any high volume of units to justify selling them. The same goes for many large retail outlets - some using certain stores as the launch platform for over 100 units.

Yet, in the end, Sony failed to deliver a large enough count to satisfy even the hardcore Sony fans. This is highly disappointing and grinds the hype wagon to a halt.

According to IBM’s white pages, the cell processor being used in PlayStation 3 is considerably less powerful than what it has been hyped up to be.

Sony’s stupid move was in putting spyware on thousands of PCs. Sony’s copy-protection experiment has failed miserably and pissed off a lot of people. Sony employed a piece of software from First4Internet to protect music on CDs, but the technology, hid itself on computers by using root-kit technology and even worse it opened a remote access connection that called out to Sony which not only violates the user’s right to privacy, but it also exposed users to worms that take advantage of the stealth technology. In fact, Breplibot.c is one virus already that attempts to hide itself using the Sony root kit.

Motorola Q

As appealing as I found the overall look of the Q I was disappointed by its design in several aspects. The keyboard’s lack of a backspace button among the QWERTY keys proved problematic for me. I also found the click-wheel a bit stiff, and the soft key panel surprisingly tough on my fingers to navigate - in part because of the width of the unit (as compared with the more palm-friendly Palm Treo 700), and in part because I found it annoying to move over the deep rim surrounding the five-way nav control to the two upper soft keys. Those soft keys, to the right and left of the five-way nav control are integral for navigation. And given the unit’s lack of a touchscreen, how your hand responds to the feel of the buttons will determine how much you enjoy using the Q.

Another gripe: The position of the mini-USB port. I know I’ve often used a cell phone while it’s tethered to an outlet, getting its necessary juice. However, the mini-USB port - which doubles as the power port–is awkwardly situated on the lower left of the Q. This is incovenient if you try to use the device in your hands–either for reading content, or putting it up to your ear.

Video iPod

I think it’s pretty clear that Steve Jobs wanted it to suck.

Everyone’s criticisms of the video aspects of the iPod are valid and all of them with the exception of battery life (which they’ll clearly improve over time) are most likely management decisions. Steve is clearly biding his time. He owns digital music right now, and the next logical step is video. If you look at what the company’s done in the last year or so, they??™ve got their ducks so accurately in line, everyone else in the industry, including Microsoft and Tivo had better watch out.

See Steve knows that you have to combine a great device with great content. And there is no digital video available for legal download right now. Why? Because the studios are scared shitless. So what does Steve do? He compells them to take a baby step that in no way could possibly be threatening to them (320?—240 is a ridiculous resolution, after all). And he adds them into the iTunes Store so he can arm himself with some sales data.

Eventually Video iPod makes so little sense. It’s hysterical when I see someone trying to watch one of those microscopic screens. Is there really anyone over the age of 14 who would sit around watching music videos on that thing? Or anything for that matter.

Toshiba Gigabeat S

So it’s basically Microsoft’s version of the iPod? Same video problems (lack of formats, tedious conversion), same audio issues (lack of customizable EQ, weak sounding presets), low video output quality, poor battery life and so on.

In Bourgas Airport (Bulgaria) a young man was arrested for cocaine smuggling, while using an empty iPod Nano case for carrying stuff.

The original iPod LCD screen was replaced with its paper imitation — a printed image of a working iPod, playing Dr. Alban’s “No coke” song.

An amount of approximately 7 grams of cocaine was seized. It is still unknown, whether it was full iPod Nano capacity or it was already slightly “discharged”.

This is first known accident with iPod Nano case used as personal drug container. It certainly beats Kate Moss idea of using Faberge egg for keeping cocaine.

iPod Ripper Hammacher Schlemmer is hawking a new universal iPOD RIPPER that “converts any type of video or audio, including cassette tapes, vinyl records, television shows, and VHS tapes” and puts it on your iPod — no PC or Mac required. It comes with all the RCA, S-Video and other cables you need.

The converter plugs into any audio or video device equipped with RCA connections and S-Video (standard on nearly all A/V components) with its included audio/video cables. Simply push the record button, and content is converted to digital MP3 (audio) or MPEG4 (video) format, three hours of 320 x 240 resolution video content takes up approximately 1 GB, and is stored immediately onto an iPod (video iPod required for video content). Data can also be uploaded to a USB flash drive or USB hard drive plugged into the converters USB port; it automatically detects if it has attached an iPod or USB key. Plugs into AC.

Source: hammacher.com

Posted December 29th, 2006 in Media Players

iPod Amoeba

Apple Corp. has announced that the 2007 release of its newest music player, the iPod Amoeba, has been delayed indefinitely due to a flaw in the overall design. Company officials are hesitant to speculate when the Amoeba may be ready for the consumer market.

“We really have no idea how this even got out of R&M,” said Apple chief designer Jonathan Ive. “We will be issuing refunds to everyone who pre-ordered the Amoeba because at this time, we can’t even say if it will be available at all in 2007.”


iLink dock The iPod is a wonderful product hindered by one basic flaw - analog outputs. The digital format of its audio files are converted within the iPod, which negates any attempt to create true-to-CD audio. This means that no matter how much money an audiophile spends on iPod docking stations that boast great sound, the quality will not come close to a CD played on a high-end system.

A company called MSB Technology is attempting to tap into this lucrative and exclusive demographic with its iLink Docking System for the iPod. On its own the iLink isn’t particularly special, but when it’s coupled with an MSB-upgraded iPod it can output true digital audio, something the analog-only iPod has never been capable of doing. You can either opt to send your own 5.5G iPod to MSB — where they’ll upgrade it for you for $199 and provide their own warranty — or you can go for the full $1995 iLink system — which includes an iPod upgrade, and an iLink dock that taps into a digital audio enabled iPod’s dock connector. Although we don’t claim to be audiophiles ourselves, we see a couple of potential problems here, not least the issue of the iPod being an inherently flawed device to market to audiophiles (compressed music = bad). The other little niggle is the two grand price tag, which isn’t too far removed from the asking prices of the high-end CD players it’s designed to replace.

Source: iPodObserver

Trinity Lumi Flasher Trinity presented ”Lumi Flasher” LED light peripheral for iPod. It is basically a portable LED lamp, but it can also be a pleasant complement with a flickering light to the rhythm as you listening to music. There are six different light patterns from random to sequence to flashing based on the music. Also present is a flashlight mode for finding lost objects, however the Lumi Flasher does not have batteries thus draws power from the iPod. The company claims that the lights are visible from a distance of 500 meters.

It measures 42?