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Yesterday we wrote about new Sony camera DSC-T2 with 4 gb Flash memory onboard. And today I’ve found this.


This picture of 2-nd generation Nanos is dated September 12-th, 2006 while those glossy Sony’s digital cameras are freshly baked.

Whether Sony’s designers and art directors are Apple fanboys or it’s just a custom and usual industry steal, Sony should change it’s motto to like.no.other.except.some.

(via Japanese Engadget )


As new Zunes disappointing battery data is official now, we can relax, take our time and compare these two creations from Apple and Microsoft. Zune 80 quite compares with Ipod 80GB Classic, though it’s battery resourses seem to be weaker, but what about Ipod touch? What’s more important — gigabytes or sweet multitouch screen and the bigger price? It’s harder to choose between flash Zune and Ipod Nano, it’s up to you — WiFi or 1.8 inch screen? Looking forward to Novemver, we created useful comparative tables for your entartaiment and argues.

They are below the link with some more battery data and “premium” Microsoft earphones. Enjoy!


In Bourgas Airport (Bulgaria) a young man was arrested for cocaine smuggling, while using an empty iPod Nano case for carrying stuff.

The original iPod LCD screen was replaced with its paper imitation — a printed image of a working iPod, playing Dr. Alban’s “No coke” song.

An amount of approximately 7 grams of cocaine was seized. It is still unknown, whether it was full iPod Nano capacity or it was already slightly “discharged”.

This is first known accident with iPod Nano case used as personal drug container. It certainly beats Kate Moss idea of using Faberge egg for keeping cocaine.