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moto-h680.jpgAnd the last jewel from Motorola’s — H680 Bluetooth headset, that made its debut at the CTIA. The feather-light 0.42 ounce headset comes with a charging case that is made from the same vacuum metal material and clear plastic, and can be plugged into either a wall or car charger. It has eight-hours of talk time and an eight days of standby time.

Let’s wait not for the miracle, but the third quarter of this year.

plantronicsdspusb.jpgThe Plantronics .Audio 550 DSP headset are totally USB powered and require no external power adapter to operate. Digital Trends gave the headphones 7 out of 10 and said the lows were poor portability, uncomfortable for extended use and they won’t work with MP3 players. Highs were excellent sound and mic performance with gaming and VoIP.

Volume is controlled via an in-line volume control. The headphones are available now and price is set at $119.95.

headset.jpgIt’s ok if sound waves from your headset are getting into your bones (wow, it really could be from placebo song). The HG40SAN-TBT from Temco - China is a headset that uses “bone conduction” technology. It is an audio and hands-free Bluetooth headset that does not have earpieces, but you can still hear sounds of music or talk with the vibrations emitted by the headset through your skull. The battery lasts 3 hours in conversation mode and 5 hours in play mode (MP3).