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tianyub832.jpg Tianyu B832 is a dualband GSM phone that doesn’t catch attention at first glance: just a plain, fail-safe Siemens-ish design. What’s so special about it would be its anti-theft features. Firstly when somebody steals your phone and changes a new SIM card, an SMS message will be automatically sent to your old number (which you can receive once you get a new SIM card from your operator bearing the same number), so you’ll know who has taken your phone and hunt that cheapskate down. Secondly, once the phone gets back on network, it can be locked offshore from a computer if you choose to do so, it’s almost like the IMEI trick but this time you are playing police yourself.

Toshiba TS605Toshiba presented ‘TS605′, its 10.3-mm thick slim mobile phone. The TS605 features 1.9″ 176×220 pixel TFT display in 262,000 colours, a 1.3 megapixel digital camera, microSD expandable memory (up to 1Gb, but there’s only 5.5Mb on board), Bluetooth, an MP3/AAC and video clip player, FM radio, email client and WAP browser. All of that fits into a handset weighing only 79 grams. It will be available in pink and green color targeting young generation.


HTC Athena X7500

There is a marketing terra incognito between Phone/PDAs and ultraportable notebooks into which exploratory forays seem to disappear forever: it is the form factor of no return, better known as “UMPC with a keyboard”. The HTC Athena X7500 hopes to conquer this undiscovered country and become its King.