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porsche-p9611-954.jpgNavigon released new GPS system called the P9611, which is the result of their work with Porsche. Using the MobileNavigator Premium software, it enhances the navigation user experience with an impressive list of smart, intuitive category-leading features such as superior text-to-speech capabilities, “street first” or “city first” destination entry, and predictive spelling support. Other software features include actual sign text, speed warnings, and automatic increases in navigation message volume to compensate for driving noise. And a high-contrast 480 x 272 touch screen, 520 MHz Intel CPU, dual processor platform, graphics accelerator chip, 64 MB of both RAM and ROM, high sensitivity GPS receiver, hands-free Bluetooth communications kits, high quality built-in speakers, MP3 player and a windshield cradle.

samsung1.jpgThe Samsung STT-D370 is a perfect Korean product - it’s slim, shiny with 3.7 inches display and has a brilliant resolution. It also provides with Bluetooth connectivity, a SD expansion slot, a removal battery and support for Office Automation. It also comes with DMB for television watching in it.

The device provides GPS capabilities that you know how to reach the destination fast and easy. Hope it shows more than just Korean states; after all we want a taste of everything back home. If you feel you aren’t all that attractive to digital air signals then do take pleasure in using the adjoining antenna with it. The battery provided in the D370 is powerful enough to keep you entertained during long drives or while on the move. The device can be charged with a 24pin mobile phone charger.

Posted December 22nd, 2006 in GPS and PDAs

iPAQ rx5000HP has unveiled a spanking new handheld GPS navigation unit that looks extremely good. The iPAQ rx5000 Travel Companion fits into your palm comfortable, boasting a 3.5″ anti-glare touchscreen LCD display and is powered by the SiRFStar III GPS chipset. Additional features include integrated WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

HTC Athena X7500

There is a marketing terra incognito between Phone/PDAs and ultraportable notebooks into which exploratory forays seem to disappear forever: it is the form factor of no return, better known as “UMPC with a keyboard”. The HTC Athena X7500 hopes to conquer this undiscovered country and become its King.