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 Don’t like donuts? How about some fortune cookies then?


The latest in the “Freshly Baked” series of USB flash storage devices from Vavolo, the fortune cookies come in  1GB ($29.99) and 2GB ($49.99).

What are your favorite donuts? Mine are chocolate, but strawberry and, maybe mint of pistachio are also available. Check out these little USB flash drives from Vavolo.


Remember that posh diamond flash drive by St. Dupont? Now it’s not only one in this market.


Bissol’s 4 GB flash drive weights around 0.1 ounce, and makes it’s presence felt because it is available in either original brass or nickel-plated finishes. This ReadyBoost-compatible drive is machined in the same way as traditional Swiss watches are.

Bissol 4 GB flash drive costs $260 and it’s available online.