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iviewpvp.jpg The transition from people using portable DVD players to playing video from portable devices is in full force right now. While those portable DVD players were great while they lasted, they suffered from the same problem portable CD and tape players suffered from: the CD or tape. The Sakar iView is solving the problem of video through the solution of the iPod. You just plug your iPod into the dock, and it both plays your videos on it 7″ screen and charges your iPod. Suppose that you don’t want to limit it to your iPod, you can always use its audio and video inputs to play other content. So you probably already have an iPod, just pay $150 for the iView, buy a few videos from iTunes, and you are set you go for that cross-country road trip.

VAIO TP1 At the CES 2007 Sony will show a new interesting system called VAIO?

If extreme portability is not your biggest concern then anyone looking for a nice headphone splitter and amplifier should head over to the Boostaroo website. Even though the Revolution is nearly as big as the iPod Nano (if not bigger) it makes up for its size with functionality.

Not only does it allow two people to enjoy the sound coming from an MP3, DVD or CD player (or anything with a standard headphone jack) but each listener has the option of cranking the volume up some 400%. So in 30 years when you head off to the otolaryngologist for a hearing aid you’ll at least have someone to go with. I also want to note that the Revolution requires 2 AAAA battery cells which only provide about 22 hours of battery life which could be a problem for some.

The Boostaroo Revolution is available on their website for $49.99 and at the moment also comes with two sets of volume control headphones.