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This new Ibiza player has a full subscription to the Rhapsody-To-Go service, you’ll be able to download over 4 million tracks wirelessly to your player whenever you’ve got a Wi-Fi connection. The player also has built-in bluetooth for wireless headphone connectivity. The player offers a bright 320×240 Samsung color display, and can also play back video content from the Rhapsody store. Like the Zune, it’s also got an FM radio with RDS service. It’s even got a web browser built in, but I can’t imagine how challenging that would be to navigate sans keyboard. [more]

airis_n004x.jpg Who is Airis, you might ask. Take a look at this pretty sleek portable media player and you will come to the conclusion that, whether the device works or not, they know how to make well designed products. So how does it perform? With a 1 or 2GB flash drive, it seems a bit small in todays world of 8GB flash devices. Battery life is only rated at 10 hours and the screen is a meager 1.5??? 128?

GeekStuff4u.com offers something that no girl can resist, Ear Drops Heart Model, embedded with diamond-like crystals.

For only $42.72 in 5 to 10 working days you will have your own shining and heart-shaped earphones. They come in blacke or white base with white, blue and pink “diamonds”, but the pink one are really the best, if you know what I mean.

Is there a better way to say “diamonds, hearts and ear-phones are girl’s best friends”?

iPod Ripper Hammacher Schlemmer is hawking a new universal iPOD RIPPER that “converts any type of video or audio, including cassette tapes, vinyl records, television shows, and VHS tapes” and puts it on your iPod — no PC or Mac required. It comes with all the RCA, S-Video and other cables you need.

The converter plugs into any audio or video device equipped with RCA connections and S-Video (standard on nearly all A/V components) with its included audio/video cables. Simply push the record button, and content is converted to digital MP3 (audio) or MPEG4 (video) format, three hours of 320 x 240 resolution video content takes up approximately 1 GB, and is stored immediately onto an iPod (video iPod required for video content). Data can also be uploaded to a USB flash drive or USB hard drive plugged into the converters USB port; it automatically detects if it has attached an iPod or USB key. Plugs into AC.

Source: hammacher.com