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imac_keyboard_leaked_photo_1.jpgThe rumors of new iMac and its cool sleek keyboard just won’t die. Today Engadget received some pictures of the rumored aluminum bread thin slice keyboard from a tipster. Many Apple sites are reporting that the new iMac will be announce in August and speculation on how it looks has been buzzing recently.

Posted March 30th, 2007 in Peripherals

Belkin has introduced a new and really cool line of in desk hubs specially for that strange round holes in the desks. The trio of products includes two USB hubs and an iPod Dock. The first USB hub is a four port called the Front-Access In-Desk USB Hub and comes with a power adapter. The second USB hub is called the In-Desk USB Hub and uses the same three inch design as the other USB hub but the ports are flat rather for easy reach. The final hole product from Belkin is the In-Desk dock for iPod which is an iPod dock.

Great move.

iphone003.jpgLetsTalk published the results of a survey which asked if respondents planned to buy the iPhone when it becomes available this summer.

18 % said yes, 52 % said no and 31 % said not sure.
Respondents were allowed to give multiple answers to why they did not plan to buy the iPhone, including
– Concern about iPhone’s expected cost (49%)
– Satisfaction with their current cell phone’s features (48%)
– Didn’t want to switch carriers/get out of contract (~23%)

They didn’t count mine ‘omgno can’t wait want this one’

philips-dcd778.jpgA new word in kitchen entertainment — Philips DCD778 Docking Entertainment System. This iPod compatible, under-cabinet multimedia player has an 8.5-inch wide screen LCD display and can play audio and video from an iPod, DVD, (S) VCD, MP3-CD, CD (RW) and Picture CD. The system also supports a built-in ATSC/NTSC TV tuner, digital AM/FM tuner, two 2-inch speakers, cooking timer and clock, and wireless remote. Compatible with the fourth- and fifth-generation iPods, the iPod mini, and iPod nano, the media player is ready for shipping next week

Pricey at $400, the Philips DCD778 Docking Entertainment System will add that geeky touch to your kitchen.

asus-aura-concept-sm.jpg So, everyone who waited the Apple iPhone and wondered if there can be a better phone, than here is something. Asus shown the brilliant Aura phone concept which is slimmer than the slimmest and the slickest one around. The phone has a frontal adorned by a fantastic 3.9 inch LCD screen that surfaces the entire phone. A touchscreen, yes!

That’s not all; the 97×49×6mm frame also accommodates a 2 megapixel shooter, a QWERTY keyboard that is ridiculously slender and a microSD card slot. as far as network and connectivity specs are concerned, there’s a lot to smile about as it provides support for GSM, HSPDA, UMTS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The second really nice try after the LG Prada KE850 in challenging the iPhone.

Posted February 9th, 2007 in Peripherals

avd_wlca_3.jpgOh, you have an iPod. And here is an anti-theft case for it. You just need to slide your iPod into this plastic case, close it with a lock, and you can securely leave your iPod attached anywhere (almost anywhere). Detailed pictures below the cut. [more]

Posted January 30th, 2007 in Media Players

galleryfrontback20070130all440pxl.jpgHello there new iPod shuffles. Now not only in battleship-grey origins, the $79 iPod shuffle now hits in your choice of pink, green, blue, and even orange flavor.

The same 1GB and 12 hours of battery, and yes it’s available with free laser engraving just in time for Valentines Day. And with support of 2G earphones.

Posted January 30th, 2007 in Miscellaneous

iluv-i182.jpgThe iLuv i182 dock helps to record video content to another iPod or certain media cards. The entire setup consists of a dock and an adapter that helps in recording of video to various external media. It can transfer media to both SD and MMC cards. It provides with the capability of recording media from various sources like DVD players, TV sets, camcorders, etc. Time intervals can be set to each recording so that you can regulate your record time and memory consumed. These intervals range from 30, 60, 120, or 180 minutes. It is also possible to synch the device with a PC or a Mac. With all these capabilities, we can say that here’s another well thought of accessory to the ever flexible iPod.

No idea how much the iLuv i182 will cost.
It’ll be availible in March for $229.99, thanks for the comment.

via iLounge

iviewpvp.jpg The transition from people using portable DVD players to playing video from portable devices is in full force right now. While those portable DVD players were great while they lasted, they suffered from the same problem portable CD and tape players suffered from: the CD or tape. The Sakar iView is solving the problem of video through the solution of the iPod. You just plug your iPod into the dock, and it both plays your videos on it 7″ screen and charges your iPod. Suppose that you don’t want to limit it to your iPod, you can always use its audio and video inputs to play other content. So you probably already have an iPod, just pay $150 for the iView, buy a few videos from iTunes, and you are set you go for that cross-country road trip.

blu-ray_mac.jpgThanks to MCE Technologies, our lovely Apple Mac Pro and Power Mac G5 now come with a Blu-ray drive support. The drive is backwards compatible with all DVD and CD media and provides support for DVD?