Posted December 28th, 2006 in Peripherals

SD to USB Its application is limited to those of you toting around SD card devices (my camera, for example, would be a good candidate for this chip), but instead of plugging in your digital camera or smart phone into your computer to download/upload information, why not just pop the information onto an SD card and transfer it that way? ‘But I don’t have a card reader,’ you say. Ah, but this SD card from Proporta has a USB connection on one end! Clever!

Coming in a 2 GB capacity for about $110, with available memory card holder or key ring, both made out of aluminum (sold separately for another two or three dollars), the Proporta SD card fits in the same slot as the rest of your SD cards, which means you don’t have to worry about the USB plug sticking out and breaking on something. A very cool idea and one I could see having applications across a number of flash memory types.

# 2GB SD card will work in USB port without an adapter;
# Card goes directly from PPC to computer;
# Aluminum card holder protects and organizes memory cards.

# 2GB SD card is expensive considering current SD prices.

Source: Pocket PC Thoughts


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