samsung_upstage.jpg Yesterday Sprint has signed up the Samsung m620 a.k.a. UpStage. The phone we have in question here is with a 1.3 megapixel camera, Stereo Bluetooth output, microSD slot, Music Manager, USB and up to 6.3 hours of talk time. The phone is nice and compact as well, with figure stats of 1.73 x 4.07 x 0.37. Sprint is offering 99 cent over the air music downloads on its entire Music Store catalog and priced at $149, the phone is gettable on a two-year agreement with a $50 rebate available.

Comment by jacklyn

Posted on November 9th, 2007

i really really really am almost positive im going to get
this phone from my parents. what i want to know is one kind
of stupid thing. its says music library on the big screen.
is that just a sticker? and can you change that to one of
the pictures you took? or does it always stay the music library. i just want to be able to change the picture on the screen, because i dont like how that looks.

-please email me.

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