We made complete compare on Apple iPods versus Microsoft Zunes. And now it’s time to compare popular Series 60 Touch User Interface with Apple’s iPhone. A S60 clamied to be the first iPhone serial killer, this must be really interesting.

See 5 Reasons, why S60 Touch Interface is better than iPhone inside of this article

No 5 - The S60 smartphone software offers the opportunity to develop devices with a variety of input methods, whether it is a touch screen with a traditional keypad, touch screen with a qwerty keyboard or touch screen alone, supporting both finger or stylus optimized input, in addition to the range of access options that already exist today. The iPhone is limited to finger input only.

No 4 - S60 Touch interface supports Tactile feedback which is more like force feedback. So when the user taps or touches the screen there is a physical pulse and feedback, this will be great for gaming. The iPhone lacks this feature.

No 3 - S60 Touch will be the first mobile software platform to offer Web Browser integrated with Flash Video which allows people to view on the go Flash-enabled Web sites. The iPhone has support for YouTube via a separate application but the inbuilt Safari browser lacks Flash support.

No 2 - The S60 interface is licensed to multiple companies (Samsung, Panasonic and Siemens) and is not only limited to Nokia. This gives the user a wider choice of handsets.

No 1 - Series 60 is the most widely used smartphone OS with 100 million S60 devices cumulatively shipped by April 2007. Nokia developer forum has thousands of registered developers and hundreds of companies making applications for the S60 interface. Development kit for the S60 Touch will ship with UI Accelerator toolkit to allow device manufacturers to develop rapidly and easily impressive graphical effects and new types of interactions with the light, proximity and distance sensors. Currently there are tons of applications and games available for the S60 interface.


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