phoebusmb6000.jpgSharing a 3G connection via a wireless router is nothing new, but in the past it has required a bland, sterile box built to look like a Wi-Fi access point. That certainly isn’t the case with Top Global’s Phoebus, which draws its engineering innovation from the greatest engineers of all, the ancient pharaohs. Though you won’t find many precious goodies buried in this little Luxor, you will find an 802.11b/g router that will share your standard 3G card (EV-DO, EDGE, etc.) with your neighbors. If internet access is scarce and your crew needs to hit MySpace in a hurry, drop your pyramid on the table and have at it.

The cost is $289 and it appears to be available now, which means if you are going to be in Bumfuct, Egypt any time soon and need an internet connection for more than just yourself, here is your solution. Also, as I said, it looks like a high tech pyramid, so it won’t have to be hidden away due to its hideousness, you can put it front and center on the table.

When I first saw this, I started thinking of places where this would come in handy, I couldn’t think of many, but as I am going camping today, that one immediately came to mind. Other possibilities would be at mobile project sites like digs or maybe law enforcement operations, but they probably have a far better (read: pricier) solution.


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