Clocky Clocky the clock is here to save those of you for whom the snooze button has become a crutch. Clocky first started covered in shag carpet and now has gone for the shiny plastic look instead. For those of you who are not familiar with Clocky, here is what makes it so damn annoying yet very effective. If you hit the snooze button those big, treaded wheels you see on Clocky will carry him right of your nightstand and propel him around your bedroom in search of hiding place, all to force you to drag your lazy ass out of bed.

The newest Clocky comes in 3 colors: white, aqua, and mint; you can also get a shag-covered Clocky, if you like furballs running around your house. If you really can’t get up in the morning, then maybe you should dish out $50 and pick up a Clocky, just don’t take out your anger on your boss.

Source: Uber-review

Comment by kevjohn

Posted on December 23rd, 2006

$50 seems pricey, but I still love the idea. If this had come just a few days earlier it might have been a good stocking-stuffer.

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