sonymdr_nc60.jpg If you need new headphones, noise canceling technology is sure to wow your friends if they ever take a look. While the prices for noise canceling are constantly falling, take a look at these nice new Sony headphones. The MDR-NC60 has been released in Japan for about $200. These noise cancelers make sure that those pesky people surrounding you will not be a problem anymore.

So what else does $200 get you? One thing is better quality padding around your ears, which provides for a better and more comfortable seal to help keep your music in and other sounds out. Another cool little addon is the airplane adapter so that you can plug your MDR-NC60 into those odd jacks. AAA batteries fuel the headphones for about 30 hours, a good deal longer than the longest plane ride. And if the people around you are all asleep (one can only dream), just turn off the noise canceling to save power.

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