This new Ibiza player has a full subscription to the Rhapsody-To-Go service, you’ll be able to download over 4 million tracks wirelessly to your player whenever you’ve got a Wi-Fi connection. The player also has built-in bluetooth for wireless headphone connectivity. The player offers a bright 320×240 Samsung color display, and can also play back video content from the Rhapsody store. Like the Zune, it’s also got an FM radio with RDS service. It’s even got a web browser built in, but I can’t imagine how challenging that would be to navigate sans keyboard.

The biggest turn-off here is the $229 to $319 price tag on the players (substantially more than iPods and Zunes with more storage). However, the integrated music store feature does look pretty sweet if you’re okay with a subscription-based music service.

The 30GB Ibiza is now available from gadget importer FirstToYou. You can also find the lower-priced 4GB and 8GB flash-based versions of the player from Amazon.


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