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Meet the Hyundai’s W-100, a phonewatch with 1.3-megapixel camera, and 176 x 144 resolution touchscreen, bilingual support (English/Chinese) and an MP3 player. It has microSD slot and Bluetooth . Still, no info about pricing or availability, but we’ll be watching for that watch and you can find more photos below the cut.


motherclock1.jpgThis 14 inch motherboard wall clock is one piece of geekery that will surely keep you on time for the next lecture on quantum physics you’ve been planning to attend. While we might not know all of the inner workings of hardware, we do know that motherboards look really friggen cool when placed on display on a wall.

Clocky Clocky the clock is here to save those of you for whom the snooze button has become a crutch. Clocky first started covered in shag carpet and now has gone for the shiny plastic look instead. For those of you who are not familiar with Clocky, here is what makes it so damn annoying yet very effective. If you hit the snooze button those big, treaded wheels you see on Clocky will carry him right of your nightstand and propel him around your bedroom in search of hiding place, all to force you to drag your lazy ass out of bed.

The newest Clocky comes in 3 colors: white, aqua, and mint; you can also get a shag-covered Clocky, if you like furballs running around your house. If you really can’t get up in the morning, then maybe you should dish out $50 and pick up a Clocky, just don’t take out your anger on your boss.

Source: Uber-review

Objects that vibrate within the confines of the bedroom are usually to be lauded, but I’m not sure about this vibrating pillow, shipping from the U.K. in return for about $30.

Who would want such a thing?

People who don’t want to wake their partners, of course: stuff it under your normal pillow at night and the silent movements will awaken only you, leaving your beau happy in the realm of sleep. It can also beep as a standard alarm clock does, presumably because this thing is really just a standard alarm clock with a rumble pack in it.

Source: Gear Factor

Posted June 7th, 2006 in Watches and Clocks

puslebrik_vaekkeur_38_st.jpg Guaranteed to wake you up and get your brain working in a hurry. When its time to wake up the Puzzle Alarm Clock buzzes and shoots 4 puzzle pieces up in the air. The catch is that the clock won’t stop going off until all 4 pieces are reassembled properly in the clock.