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Here is an utterly nice present, especially in cases, when a postcard is not enough. These usb flash drives have Christmas and Hanukkah editions, with couple of motifs ifor ezh holiday. The wallet-sized cards are available now in sizes ranging from 128MB to 4GB, and only for $26.95,


LtWv Wrist Vmote Lightglove won the CES 2008 Award for its breakthrough technology. This human interface device can be worn just like a simple watch. It can turn on devices like a TV without a remote. The work gets done at the command of a light button on the lightglove.

There is not much information about this device, we will keep you informed.

We already seen noble-looking Nintendo DS with gold, But what about some crystal-embedded system? Crystal Icing make this precious gaming device with Mario for $350.


Not enough? How about shine-on-you-crazy-wii-zelda? More inside of this article. [more]

 Don’t like donuts? How about some fortune cookies then?


The latest in the “Freshly Baked” series of USB flash storage devices from Vavolo, the fortune cookies come in  1GB ($29.99) and 2GB ($49.99).


Some things are never enough — reading gadgetsmonkey.com, drinking mojito and collecting Hello Kitty stuff. Here it goes — pink with smiling kitty at the backside. Total love and sweetness would perfectly go with any of this Hello Kitty stuff. Looks like we need to create separate Hello Kitty category.

Hello Kitty keyboard retail for $80.

These are nice presents for upcoming Christmas

This wine bottle USB drive packs Open Cellar wine cellar management software, a screensaver / wallpaper and wine-influenced ringtones onto 1GB of internal storage, all for around €35 ($50)


And a MIXA USB tape, something to remember. You can take black or white 1GB tape, add on any design they choose and have £19.99 ($41) to have it shipped anywhere in the world.


Posted November 13th, 2007 in Mobile Phones, PDAs and Peripherals

Yesterday, November 12 Google revealed SDK for it’s mobile devices operation system, Android.



What are your favorite donuts? Mine are chocolate, but strawberry and, maybe mint of pistachio are also available. Check out these little USB flash drives from Vavolo.


We already have one million dollar laptop, but we have found the complete set for extra-luxury. The Luvaglio laptop activates only when you insert the unique colored diamond that’s included, making the gem a power button, security device, and conversation starter all rolled into one. but you’ll surely need a mouse, speakers and some USB flash device.

See the whole set inside of this article.



There is a huge variety of tech and gadgets stuff under the children-oriented brands — from tons of Hello Kitty merchandise to even Disney’s Vinnie the Pooh flash drives but Barbie managed to stay quite in old-fashion. but now is something completely different. Pinkaholics and girls cheer up — there is now pink iPod doc / FM radio / alarm clock in the pinkish fuchsia color imaginable.

This is madness. THIS IS BARBIE.