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Yesterday we wrote about new Sony camera DSC-T2 with 4 gb Flash memory onboard. And today I’ve found this.


This picture of 2-nd generation Nanos is dated September 12-th, 2006 while those glossy Sony’s digital cameras are freshly baked.

Whether Sony’s designers and art directors are Apple fanboys or it’s just a custom and usual industry steal, Sony should change it’s motto to like.no.other.except.some.

(via Japanese Engadget )


Bang & Olufsen have updated their BeoSound 2 portable media player with the BeoSound 6. The Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 6 has 4 Gb of memory and supports AAC, MP3 and WMA formats. The BeoSound has a 1.8 inch color screen and comes with a leather case and Bang & Olufsen’s popular A8 headphones for about $600.

I’ll buy myself one right after this million-dollar laptop.


Sony has announced some changes in PS3 prices! The 80GB model now costs $499, instead of $599. The lower-end model with a 60GB drive was for $499. So the new 40GB one will debut on November 2 for $399. The new 40GB one won’t be able to play games made for the PlayStation 2. The 40GB model has been much anticipated after Sony announced it for Japan and Europe. So the PS3 is cheaper but not the cheapest.

The Xbox 360 costs $350 and Nintendo’s Wii is $250. Sony has sold 5 million PlayStation 3s since they went on sale in November last year.


According to some gathered data from forums with customer reviews and other technoblogs, seems like the new iPod nanos meet some screen problems that can be serious.



As new Zunes disappointing battery data is official now, we can relax, take our time and compare these two creations from Apple and Microsoft. Zune 80 quite compares with Ipod 80GB Classic, though it’s battery resourses seem to be weaker, but what about Ipod touch? What’s more important — gigabytes or sweet multitouch screen and the bigger price? It’s harder to choose between flash Zune and Ipod Nano, it’s up to you — WiFi or 1.8 inch screen? Looking forward to Novemver, we created useful comparative tables for your entartaiment and argues.

They are below the link with some more battery data and “premium” Microsoft earphones. Enjoy!


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As the launch of the 2nd generation Microsoft’s-little-ipod-killer is set up, we made a little work on gathering all details and compiling them together.

Microsoft claims that the Zune is now a much superior option compared to the iPod.

Launch date, according to Amazon, is November 13.


hdwalk1.jpgIf you love taking videos with your HDV cameras, but would love to actually watch them in all of their glory while you’re on vacation or in a remote area, you might have just lucked out. Sony has announced the world’s first HD video Walkman, a portable outlet for HD video. The Sony GV-HD700E will play HDV 1080i as well as miniDV tapes.

mubie-irunner2.jpgMubie’s iRunner2 has an elastic headset design with built-in MP3 player; The rechargeable batteries provide listening up to 12 hours. It has 1GB storage space and comes in red and silver colors.

Mubie iRunner2 PMP-690 Sport MP3 Player also supports WMA technology.

snap.jpgPanasonic announced the D-snap SD digital audio player SV-SD850N. The new player with 4 lines organic EL display and SD/SDHC card slot comes bundled with 1GB SD card as recording media. The SV-SD850N noise canceller reduce ambient noise (up to 83%). Users can listen to favorite tunes undisturbed by the noise or enjoy clear sound without turning up the volume while moving in the subway or outside on the street.

The modified built in charger with “echo charge function “prolongs the battery life up to 1000 charges (500 times when it charged normally).You can enjoy music up to 80 hours with noise function turned off and 60 hours when turned on. The player supports MP3/WMA/AAC formats. Panasonic SV-SD850N is 91.3×35×12.3mm, weighs 43g and comes in 5 colors - white, black, pink, blue and brown.

Panasonic digital audio player SV-SD850N with built in FM radio will be available in Japan from April 26th for approximately 20,000 Yen ($168).

amp_egg-thumb1.jpgEaster is for the Easter Eggs and Bunnies. The AMP’s Easter Egg MP3 player adds some hi-tech to the Easter Egg as it houses an Inovix IMP-11 128MB MP3 player in it. Break the chocolate egg (made from organic milk chocolate) to find the MP3 player in it. Robed in a golden foil and gifted in a smart gold box, this Easter you can make a music-lover a very happy person.

AMP’s Easter Egg MP3 player is for ÂŁ19.99 ($40). And a great idea.