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The company just released ten new colors for the player in addition to the existing five available. It might mean that they are selling it well, which is a real wonder to us.

No word on prices or capacities, so they’re still with 1GB and a $50. There’s another photo inside of this article.



This pebl-looking like Creative Zen Stone Plus costs only $90 and has 4Gb Plus storage. That’s like four small iPods. But it’s in black color only. Another universal and nice present for upcoming Christmas.


Evergreen Japan created EG-CVR1000 a credit card sized MP3 player and voice recorder.  As you can see, the USB cord is tightly packed onto tha DAP itself. It can playback MP3 and WAV files. The Lithium Ion battery has juice for 5 hours of playback. It lacks screen, though.
The Evergreen EG-CVR1000 is around 86×55×6mm and 36 grams. It is available in Japan only for ~$ 90. [more]


The player measures merely 2.79cm (1.1 inches) and has an OLED display. It is designed to look like a compact and can be carried in many innovative manners. It comes with a 2GB capacity plus features FM radio and voice recording. And it has a mirror! Still, it’s a bit too much, even for us, Hello Kitty fans.
Barbie B2 Touchscreen MP3 player costs $140. It is available in Asia and Europe, but will be in States soon. More photos inside [more]

iPod Shuffle made from real 18 carat gold for those who has status. Now that’s hot! Also, some diamond embedding or upgrade is available along with 24.7 customer service.


Priced at about 14,000 EUR (US $10,000)

Posted December 5th, 2007 in Media Players

They tease us with new limited edition Zunes Goods-branded version, which looks to come in both 8GB and 80GB models


 And so, we made a coverage on every limited Zune since this pink one.


This new Ibiza player has a full subscription to the Rhapsody-To-Go service, you’ll be able to download over 4 million tracks wirelessly to your player whenever you’ve got a Wi-Fi connection. The player also has built-in bluetooth for wireless headphone connectivity. The player offers a bright 320×240 Samsung color display, and can also play back video content from the Rhapsody store. Like the Zune, it’s also got an FM radio with RDS service. It’s even got a web browser built in, but I can’t imagine how challenging that would be to navigate sans keyboard. [more]

Here comes another digital audio player called UP3 by LG. The all metal UP3 comes in 1GB, 2GB, 4GB of storage; an FM radio; MP3, WMA, and OGG audio and ASF video support; tiny OLED display supporting 65,000 colors.

4GB will cost you just about $92. And it’s called UP3 for you not to forget using it also as a flash drive. Witty move, indeed, but no word on availability or pricing.


There is a huge variety of tech and gadgets stuff under the children-oriented brands — from tons of Hello Kitty merchandise to even Disney’s Vinnie the Pooh flash drives but Barbie managed to stay quite in old-fashion. but now is something completely different. Pinkaholics and girls cheer up — there is now pink iPod doc / FM radio / alarm clock in the pinkish fuchsia color imaginable.

This is madness. THIS IS BARBIE.


And now for something completely different. There is a whole galaxy of iPod docks and speakers existing, like even this luxury one, but Griffin’s Evolve Wireless iPod speakers are truly wireless. With lithium-ion batteries in speakers, Griffin says they can be placed anywhere within 150 feet once charged via the dock station. Whole ten hours of playing time sound really promising. The base station’s line-in cradle accepts a stereo input from practically any source but base station, however still needs a power cord.

So it’s not only the iPod that you can listen to for only $300. Wirelessly.

ipod_speakers_2-thumb.jpg ipod_speakers_3-thumb.jpg