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Here is smart UMPC  B1 by Wibrain thate is “targeted at the overseas market.” and not just the Korean market.It will surely have 4-inch WSVGA screen, a 30GB or 60GB hard drive, and mobile WiMAX in addition to standard 3G options.


It’ll be on the Korean market in the end of the year. But what about overseas?

We already have one million dollar laptop, but we have found the complete set for extra-luxury. The Luvaglio laptop activates only when you insert the unique colored diamond that’s included, making the gem a power button, security device, and conversation starter all rolled into one. but you’ll surely need a mouse, speakers and some USB flash device.

See the whole set inside of this article.


We have some fresh pictures from today’s China launch of a highly-expected Asus Eee Pc. More inside the article



dell_latitude-xt-1.jpgToday Dell’s Business Product Group General Manager Jeff Clarke confirmed that the company will be kicking a Latitude tablet soon. Even Engadget managed to get a pic and some info on it’s specifications.

img_seriesimage_fe.jpgThe VAIO C and FE Series are now presented as VAIO Graphic Splash Edition. The Graphic Splash Edition laptops include Pink Blossom and Weathered Red C series notebooks, Charcoal Blossom and Weathered Blue FE series, as well as laptops with Dots Black / White and Dots Brown / Turquoise patterns. The13.3-inch widescreen Sony VAIO C as well as the15.4-inch widescreen VAIO FE series laptops are empowered with Intel Core 2 Duo processors, and feature DVD burners and built-in 802.11 a/b/g wireless connections.

The VAIO C “Graphic Splash Edition” notebooks start at about $1,250 while the FE models start at about $1,000.

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flybook-vm.jpgMeet the Flybook VM notebook. It’s screen thrusts out for comfortable viewing. The notebooks features include an Intel ULV Core Duo 1.06 GHz (U2400) processor, 2 GB RAM (max), 60 GB hard drive, and dual-layer DVD burner. The 12.1″ display is a wide-aspect 1280×768 TFT. Other integrated features include Bluetooth 2.0, wireless 802.11 a/b/g, fingerprint reader, stereo speakers, microphone, ExpressCard and camera.

The Flybook VM is available in four luxuriously finished casings: black, silver, red, or yellow. Price varies from $2400 to $2700.

laptop2.jpglaptop.jpgHow about this Million Dollar Laptop presented by a Londan based company, Luvaglio. We suppose that this Million Dollar gadget would be shaped out of pricey metals and encrusted with even more pricier gems. We don’t have any details on the features or pricing yet. Look for a video and some pictures below the cut. [more]

gigabyte-u60-umpc.jpgGigabyte is all set to unveil the classy league of five Notebooks at CeBit. All the five models are built on Intel’s Merom-specific mobile platform and provide with a whopping 10,000 mAH eight-hour battery life. All systems use Windows Vista (pre-loaded). The W251U has a 12.1-inch screen and a built-in webcam, the W466U comes with a 14inch display, the W468N provides with a 256MB NVIDIA NB8P graphic card and Robson quick-boot technology. This one is a 14 incher as well. The W566N just has a 15.4 inch screen with with Dual-Heatpipe cooling and finally the 17” marvel, the W756N is a gamer’s haven with 1GB dedicated graphics. The company has managed to hush up the rest of the specs and we will have to wait for Cebit to start (March 15) to know how much these marvels shall cost or when they are going to be made available. Now just sneaking a peak

screenshot_8_07.jpgEgo have released the Ego Love Edition notebook in time for Valentines day which features a special handmade leather skin. The Ego Love Edition notebook’s are finished in pink and red leather. A large red heart decorates the middle of the skin, on top is a red leather bow with a silver heart attached that can be engraved with any message you like. A red and black version is also available

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ferrari-vx2-13.jpgAwwww, there is something luxury and about cars and hi-tech and not Acer Ferrari. The new edition of the ASUS-Lamborghini notebook is certainly the result of great efforts from both the design and computing technology sides. Lamborghini VX2, just as its predecessor will offer that sensational sports car feeling to its owners. It should be with a 15.4-inch WSXGA+ display, Centrino Pro or Core 2 Extreme, 512mb NVIDIA 8700, have VGA as well as 1394, S/PDIF, 1.3 megapixel camera. Unfortunately, there’s no word on when the VX2 will actually ship or its estimated price as of yet.

Let’s guess, who’ll be the next. Sony Lexus? Dell Cadillac? Or, maybe, Macbook Maybach?