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philips-dcd778.jpgA new word in kitchen entertainment — Philips DCD778 Docking Entertainment System. This iPod compatible, under-cabinet multimedia player has an 8.5-inch wide screen LCD display and can play audio and video from an iPod, DVD, (S) VCD, MP3-CD, CD (RW) and Picture CD. The system also supports a built-in ATSC/NTSC TV tuner, digital AM/FM tuner, two 2-inch speakers, cooking timer and clock, and wireless remote. Compatible with the fourth- and fifth-generation iPods, the iPod mini, and iPod nano, the media player is ready for shipping next week

Pricey at $400, the Philips DCD778 Docking Entertainment System will add that geeky touch to your kitchen.

samsung-72v.jpgSamsung is up to come out with two new Digital Picture Frames by May this year. At the CeBIT both the frames were featured. The digital photo frame with WiFi will have 800 x 480 7-inch screens, and support MP3s and movie files. The SPH-72P uses Wi-Fi to automatically discover and connect with PCs running Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Vista operating system and can display photos stored in Windows Media Player 11. The SPH-72H model does not have Wi-Fi but has a four-in-one memory card reader and a USB port. The SPH-72P can also display JPEG photos downloaded by RSS (Really Simple Syndication) from Web sites.

The Samsung SPH-72P will cost about $305 US and the SPH-72H will be $238 US. This always was quite a geek thing for me.

creative-live-cam-optia-sm.jpgCreative are out with high end web cams. It comes with an exciting 2.0 megapixel lens and also has auto focus technology along with 30 fps in VGA resolution. It comes with dual microphones with noise reduction that isolates voice signals and minimizes background noise.

There’s also support for remote monitoring, image adjustments and image archiving and smart face tracking, a separate software package for video and voice effects along with support for video calls and mail. And pan and tilt (270 degrees) support.

The Creative Live! CamOptia will cost up to £80 ($154) and should be available by the start of April.

gigabyte-u60-umpc.jpgGigabyte is all set to unveil the classy league of five Notebooks at CeBit. All the five models are built on Intel’s Merom-specific mobile platform and provide with a whopping 10,000 mAH eight-hour battery life. All systems use Windows Vista (pre-loaded). The W251U has a 12.1-inch screen and a built-in webcam, the W466U comes with a 14inch display, the W468N provides with a 256MB NVIDIA NB8P graphic card and Robson quick-boot technology. This one is a 14 incher as well. The W566N just has a 15.4 inch screen with with Dual-Heatpipe cooling and finally the 17” marvel, the W756N is a gamer’s haven with 1GB dedicated graphics. The company has managed to hush up the rest of the specs and we will have to wait for Cebit to start (March 15) to know how much these marvels shall cost or when they are going to be made available. Now just sneaking a peak

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retrokeyboard.jpgJust look at this neat and old but glossy retro usb keyboard. It is not for sale (yet?) and is exclusive and one of a kind, but I personally know a bunch of retro-computer geeks who’d pay any amount of money just to have this device

lightsaber.jpgYou can whistle the tune of Imperial March? You know, how wookies greet each other? You have a small replica of R2D2 inside your house and big replica of Han’s Solo ship outside in the yard? Even if no, and you are just simple jedi or sith, meet the newly updated lightsaber that can play music.

I mean it has MP3 player with 8GB of memory built and it has Bluetooth connectivity. There is an LCD display plus there is a 25 watt RMS speaker; also USB 2.0 ports.

And may the Force be with you!

buffalo2_1.jpgBuffalo corp Japan has announced the Tiny Collection of USB Flash drives. The USB 2.0 flash drive is compatible with Windows and Mac OS as well and will offer 512 MB of storage. Three Disney characters starting with Mickey Mouse steering a mouse, Winnie the Pooh gobbling Honey and Stitch riding the waves. There will be only 5000 units of each figure so you’d better be in a haste to buy them.

The drives will be available in Japan from February 22 for 3980 Yen ($ 33).

hello-kitty-usb-footwarmers.jpgAt last, in the middle of winter we have something to keep our happy feet warm.

And if it was my will - all of quite useless-bit-fun peripherals would be Hello Kitty.

So girlish and would help Hello Kitty to conquer the world.

I’ve found something extremely cute and useful ??

spy-tie-01.jpg As its name suggests, the Spy Tie is a tie that comes with a hidden spy camera. Mind you, its video quality is better than you probably expected: 768 x 492 for up to 65 minutes (1GB SD) or 280 minutes (4GB SD).

The tie set comes with a small cigarette box-sized recorder with a 2.4-inch LCD screen for viewing purposes. You can have it begin recording video by manually turning it on, or automatically at a scheduled time or via its motion sensor. It’s a pity that its battery life is merely 60 minutes, not enough for filling anything larger than a 1GB card in one charge.