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Everybody heard about Dell’s-sexy-tablet-pc since 2005 (no, really) and the company promised it in 2007, which is almost over. Hey, Dell guys, we could start thinking, Lattitude was going to sell with Duke Nukem: Manhattan’s Project pack.

Here are those same good specs: [more]

Posted December 12th, 2007 in Geek Toys and Miscellaneous


Robophilo is a compact personal ,“ready to walk,”13-inch tall robot has over 20 individual servos for controlling joints, and can be programmed to do some pretty complex moves.


The $499 RoboPhilo is available just in time for the holidays from the RoboBrothers online shop. We think it’s a perfect holiday gift.

We already seen noble-looking Nintendo DS with gold, But what about some crystal-embedded system? Crystal Icing make this precious gaming device with Mario for $350.


Not enough? How about shine-on-you-crazy-wii-zelda? More inside of this article. [more]

Posted October 27th, 2007 in Gaming, Geek Toys and Miscellaneous

Now your Nintendo DS Lite can get the metal treatment with this set of 24-karat gold decals.


The SGP Metal kit for the DS Lite is a complete set of self-adhesive gold-plated trim. The decals add metallic details on the cover, around the screens, joystick and buttons of the console. Silver (nickel) version available.


A Star Wars fan? So, this R2-D2 multimedia speakers are for you. Flip each droid’s head open to revel the speaker. Order a set and you will get both the blue as well as the orange piece. Each speaker is about 12cm ( 4.72″) tall, and has a standard 3.5mm stereo plug.

R2-D2 multimedia speakers are available for pre-order from BigBadToyStore and are expected to ship in December 2007 for $40.


This “postinformation era” jewelry was created by Markus Kison of Berlin University for Digital Media. It displays the Google page count the wearer gets for their own name. “Being in people’s mind means being important,” Markus says.

You can watch documentation video, how about it works and updates. Uh, oh, I’m gonna change my nickname to “free mp3 download”, “iphone hack”, “windows vista crack” or “xxx porn adult free” just for some vanity fair for myself.


Belkin showed its new n52te SpeedPad. Designed to be equally adept at FPS, MMORPG, and RTS games, the SpeedPad has 15 fully programmable keys that are “built for speed,” along with a programmable 8-way thumb pad and a removable joystick. It also has some nice blue backlighting on the keypad and scroll wheel, as well as some software from Razer.

It launches in November, for $70, although 50 gamers will get a chance get one for free as part of Belkin’s “Proud to PWN” contest, which requires submitting a video that “showcases dominance in multiplayer, online PC games.”

I can send some awesome video of playing Atomic Bomberman or dominating in Sailor Moon another Story jrpg.


The SkyScout is a revolutionary handheld device that uses advanced GPS technology with point and click convenience to identify thousands of stars, planets, constellations and more.
Simply point the SkyScout at any star in the sky and click the target button. The SkyScout will tell you what object you are looking at.


hk.jpgJust look at this marvelous Hello Kitty Pc covers! She wraps the monitor and keyboards with the Pink cover with Hello Kitty printed on them. The monitor cover is dressier with Kitty standing tall in a pink summery outfit and sporting a pink bow. It is ideal a flat-screen monitors.

As I’m huge Hello Kiity fan, I’m going to get rid from dust in my buttons and dull-grey colors just for $30.

headset.jpgIt’s ok if sound waves from your headset are getting into your bones (wow, it really could be from placebo song). The HG40SAN-TBT from Temco - China is a headset that uses “bone conduction” technology. It is an audio and hands-free Bluetooth headset that does not have earpieces, but you can still hear sounds of music or talk with the vibrations emitted by the headset through your skull. The battery lasts 3 hours in conversation mode and 5 hours in play mode (MP3).