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Sharp Corporation created a 2.2-inch super-thin LCD for mobile devices with only 0.68 mm thick. This new  delivers superior image quality approaching that of an LCD TV thanks to a high contrast ratio of 2000:1, wide viewing angle of 176°, and fast response speed of 8 ms, which are among the highest levels in the industry.

Sharp Mobile Advanced Super View LCD will be exhibited at FPD International 2007 to be held at Pacifico Yokohama on October 24 to 26.

samsung-72v.jpgSamsung is up to come out with two new Digital Picture Frames by May this year. At the CeBIT both the frames were featured. The digital photo frame with WiFi will have 800 x 480 7-inch screens, and support MP3s and movie files. The SPH-72P uses Wi-Fi to automatically discover and connect with PCs running Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Vista operating system and can display photos stored in Windows Media Player 11. The SPH-72H model does not have Wi-Fi but has a four-in-one memory card reader and a USB port. The SPH-72P can also display JPEG photos downloaded by RSS (Really Simple Syndication) from Web sites.

The Samsung SPH-72P will cost about $305 US and the SPH-72H will be $238 US. This always was quite a geek thing for me.

Reading on The Move A new devcice called ROEM (short for Reading on The Move), allows users to roll up paper easily, and be able to read the papers normally afterwords. The type of paper is noted as ???electronic paper???, something we have never seen before. Ofcourse, this is all a design concept and was created by one Ben Lai.

The screen would contain piezoelectric material, and would eventually allow colours to be displayed. The device rolls up so that you would never tell it was an electronic paper device! The best part is the type of charging it uses: fanning the screen.

The ROEM would be able to be used as a photo displayer, language-aid, MP3 player, and even a navigation tool. Dictionary software would be included, along with sizable fonts.

Source: Yanko Design


Posted December 20th, 2006 in Displays and Gaming

I don’t normally make it a habit of lugging my Xbox 360 around to other people’s houses, but should the desire ever arise (or if you have a car to do the lugging for you), MojoPlay’s MP-920XB is at your service. It’s a 9.2-inch traveling display that connects to your 360 and lets you play games when someone else is hogging up the TV. The screen has an 800×480 resolution along with built-in speakers and dual headphone jacks. It’s out today for $170 with PS3 and Wii equivalents slated for next year, though personally I wouldn’t wanna play any console games on a display smaller than 26-inches.

Source: Electronista

MyVu So I’m going to start off by telling you what the MyVu is not. It is not a television replacement, hell it’s not even a laptop replacement for watching videos. But beyond that the MyVu does have some great niche uses, if you’re comfortable with wearing a pair of goggles that beam images directly into your brain, now you can immerse yourself in the iPod video experience as well with MicroOptical’s myvu personal media viewer. The thin “stylish” myvu glasses include built-in 320X240 pixel LCD screens which give you the equivalent viewing size of a 27-inch television viewed from 6 feet away.