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Posted March 15th, 2007 in Digital Cameras

leicaclux2.jpgLeica have released the update to the C-Lux 1 digital camera, the C-Lux 2. The Leica C-Lux 2 has a 7.2 megapixel lens with a 3.6 x optical zoom and a 2.5 inch screen. The camera can also be used to film video at a quality on par with most conventional video camera’s. The camera will be available in May in both black (pictured) and silver versions.

All we have is nothing more than somewhat believable rumor mill material, but it seems that Canon just might be readying a 22-megapixel beast of a digicam that would come in “around half the size of the firm’s EOS-1DS Mark II.” Codenamed the 1DS Mark III, this DSLR is said to have been behind a few photo shoots seen in recent editions of Vanity Fair, and Canon is reportedly “hustling to make lenses that will work with what this body can resolve,” not to mention the possibility of a “new mount for an entirely new lens design.” While this certainly isn’t the first big-name digicam to start in depths of shadows, we purportedly won’t see it surface (or not) until this fall, as the elusive 1DS Mark III won’t be shown to the public before the PhotoPlus Expo in October (if it’s proven real at all).

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samsung_l74.jpg Let’s have a look - 28 mm wide angle lens, seven megapixel CCD, 450 MB of internal memory, MPEG-4 SVGA video recording and a 3.0″ Touch Screen LCD. A lot for that small baby. It is equipped with a 3.6x optical zoom, Tour Guide function, Face Recognition AF & AE, which detects the subject’s face, automatically adjusts auto focus and auto exposure too. The touch screen LCD perfected with Samsung’s original Flash GUI (Graphic User Interface), allows the user to navigate through the functions quite easily. Its possible to capture the best possible images even in dimly lit conditions thanks to the ASR image stabilization system. It can capture moving images in MPEG-4 SVGA quality and once taken the camera allows for pictures to be edited rather than waiting till you sat at on the computer to do it.

The Samsung L74 Wide is priced at $ 350 and should be on sale this spring.

Posted January 26th, 2007 in Digital Cameras

When it comes to photo, what you say? Well, anyways, Olympus updated their line with 3 fresh models and let’s sneak a pick:

The Olympus FE-250 is the first model in the FE range to feature BrightCapture Technology. It comes with a 8 megapixel sensor and a 3x zoom. All this fashioned in a metal casing gives this camera an alluring look. It offers ISO 6400 and 10,000 in 3MP mode and High ISO setting mode (up to ISO 3200 with full 8.0 Megapixels). It brings high resolution to the photography thanks to the 8.0 Megapixel CCD. The slim body measures only 16.7mm. It has a large 6.4cm LCD with 230,000 pixels for better viewing. It produces crystal-clear pictures and in case you print large pictures you get sharp high-resolution photos. Its ???one button, one function??? design principle makes it easy to operate this camera. It has a choice of 15 scene modes. The Programs include Movie recording with sound as well as Image Stabilization. The camera features a memory card slot that accept tiny xD-Picture Cards (up to 2GB) and the Olympus Master software.

In the Super Macro Mode you can shoot a close up from 10 cm away. The FE-250 also features TruePic TURBO, a LI-42B lithium ion battery and 25 languages. Available from February, this one too should cost about ??200 ($395)

Under cut is more about world??

spy-tie-01.jpg As its name suggests, the Spy Tie is a tie that comes with a hidden spy camera. Mind you, its video quality is better than you probably expected: 768 x 492 for up to 65 minutes (1GB SD) or 280 minutes (4GB SD).

The tie set comes with a small cigarette box-sized recorder with a 2.4-inch LCD screen for viewing purposes. You can have it begin recording video by manually turning it on, or automatically at a scheduled time or via its motion sensor. It’s a pity that its battery life is merely 60 minutes, not enough for filling anything larger than a 1GB card in one charge.


Canon updates its bestselling PowerShot range with an affordable new models: the Canon PowerShot A450, 460 and A550. A450 replaces the PowerShot A420. They add improved specifications while retaining the point-and-shoot simplicity. Compact and lightweight, the Canon PowerShot A450, A550 and A460, compact cameras offer the superb build quality found throughout the PowerShot range. The new PowerShot A450 and A550 feature a Movie mode for VGA quality clips with audio of up to 60 minutes in length or 1GB file size (whichever is reached first). Movies and photos can be viewed on a TV via the AV out connection. Technical features and pictures belowcanon_powershot_a450.jpg

prodadv_530_540a.jpg Who is doing quality assurance these days? First laptops blowing up, then weak straps resulting in household damages, and now this — overheating camera battery covers. While nowhere nearly as serious as the exploding laptop trend, Canon is warning owners of the PowerShot A530 and A540 that the cases’ doors can become extremely hot. Additionally, there will be a significant decrease in performance, resulting in a lot less pics of the holidays than you would have hoped. Those folks realizing that they have an affected camera can have Canon replace it at no charge.

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Sony Cybershot DSC T50 Today we start our hunt for the coolest gift of the season with Sony’s Cybershot DSC-T50. Although maybe not the most unique gift in the world, this is a sweet camera. Measuring just 3 3/4″ x 2 1/4″ and less than an inch thick, you can bring the camera with you anywhere. It’ll even fit in a shirt pocket. So its super small, what else?

Even though the Cybershot T50 is small it still manages 3x optical zoom and is 7.2 megapixel. The 3″ LCD screen makes it easy to check you pics right after taking them and to top it off the styling of the camera is just sweet. With the major influx of silver cameras on the market, a sleek, super cool black camera is a nice change.

lomo oktomat 8 lens camera If you’ve never heard of the Oktomat camera, let us introduce you…the Oktomat for the most part looks like most other 35mm cameras of the past but this baby’s got 8 eyes instead of 1!

Now you’re probably asking yourself, “why do I need eight lenses?” And the simple reason is because its way cooler than one. With the push of a button, all 8 eyes will snap individual frames with a 2 second interval between each eye’s shot, creating an instant work of art.

Some will look much cooler than others but your sure to have at least a few masterpieces and with a little practice you’ll quickly be come an expert.

To see more samples of what the pictures will turn out like check out Lomography, a site devoted entirely to the Lomo Oktomat. After you get yourself your own Oktomat, you can even submit your own masterpieces and make short video clips of your pictures on the site.