Some time passed from Asus Eee Pc launch in China, and it came more or less en mass. We gathered our opinion on that ultraportable gadget from Asus as well as a compilation of other reviews.

What Asus Eee PC is?

It definitly is a value for it’s money, it is innovative and cheap with lots of potential. It’s the new class of laptops — totally upgraded version od the internet console concept. Now you can get online everywhere. Looks like Asus definitly has a winner.

It is already adorable, and all the complains are about unusual keyboard and “if only Asus shipped some more”. That is a fair deal. And with it’s easy and user-friendly interface it would be a solution for novice users, children or elderly men.

And here are links on other reviews
CNET (7.5 out of 10: “… a near perfect choice for a highly portable second or backup laptop.”)

PC Magazine (4 out of 5: “Ample software and a substantial feature set that’s well worth the money”)

TrustedReviews (9 out of 10: “The natural successor to likes of the Psion Series 5 and netBook.”
NotebookReview Eee PC Tweak Guide (“This little machine was as powerful as notebooks four to five times its price.”)

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Comment by GadgetsMonkey :: Let’s play «Asus says.»

Posted on December 5th, 2007

[…] Asus says, it expects to ship some 3.8 million of the laptops in the next fiscal year. Notice, we are talking about only one model — that not-so-modest Asus Eee PC. […]

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