We already have one million dollar laptop, but we have found the complete set for extra-luxury. The Luvaglio laptop activates only when you insert the unique colored diamond that’s included, making the gem a power button, security device, and conversation starter all rolled into one. but you’ll surely need a mouse, speakers and some USB flash device.

See the whole set inside of this article.


Here comes the mouse — Diamond Flower model by Swiss Pat Says Now company. At around $25,000, it’s the world’s most expensive computer mouse,It’s case is 18-karat white gold encrusted with 59 brilliant-cut diamonds.

But what about sound?Here they are, $150,000 on a pair of French company Cabasse’s La Sphere coaxial speakers. The eyeball-style shape isn’t just for looks: Cabasse claims that the spherical design allows the woofer to provide the best linear response at a fraction of the volume required for traditionally shaped cabinets.


And now for the USB flash drives. Swissmemory Prestige is a collection of 1GB flash drives that fold into housings made of 925-sterling silver or 18-karat white and yellow gold. This one on a picture is worth $23.000. But less expensive versions like diamond one by St. Dupont and this golden by Brissol are also available.


Pack all those things and continue reading GadgetsMonkey. After all, money’s just a paper.

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Comment by GadgetsMonkey :: Real diamonds on your iPhones.

Posted on November 6th, 2007

[…] and by the way, here is a sweet company to our luxury pack. These are iPhones, encrusted with hundreds of diamonds. The creator of this mod, Amosu, is known […]

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