snap.jpgPanasonic announced the D-snap SD digital audio player SV-SD850N. The new player with 4 lines organic EL display and SD/SDHC card slot comes bundled with 1GB SD card as recording media. The SV-SD850N noise canceller reduce ambient noise (up to 83%). Users can listen to favorite tunes undisturbed by the noise or enjoy clear sound without turning up the volume while moving in the subway or outside on the street.

The modified built in charger with “echo charge function “prolongs the battery life up to 1000 charges (500 times when it charged normally).You can enjoy music up to 80 hours with noise function turned off and 60 hours when turned on. The player supports MP3/WMA/AAC formats. Panasonic SV-SD850N is 91.3×35×12.3mm, weighs 43g and comes in 5 colors - white, black, pink, blue and brown.

Panasonic digital audio player SV-SD850N with built in FM radio will be available in Japan from April 26th for approximately 20,000 Yen ($168).

Comment by Jeff

Posted on June 18th, 2007

I just purchase the SV-SD850N directly from Japan. It has taken me almost a month to get it to work. The SD-Jukebox software will not work in the U.S. I had to contact Panasonic Japan to send the correct English version. They were fantasic, Panasonic U.S. support was horriable. Now that I have the correct software the player works great!

Comment by Well

Posted on June 29th, 2007

Acabo de adquirir el sv-sd850n.
El software y los manuales estan solo en japones; el programa sd-jukebox no se instala correctamente en W-XP.
El sistema noise cancelling es totalmente inoperante. Un fiasco. No solo es incapaz de anular cualquier ruido de fondo, sino que ademas de consumir bateria, agrega un siseo molesto.
Los auriculares son espectaculares, con un calce perfecto dentro del canal auditivo. Pero no entiendo porque uno de los cables es mucho mas largo que el otro, lo cual es incomodo.
Sale U$S 200.-
No graba voz.

Comment by Confuzed

Posted on July 21st, 2007

I got one as a gift and can’t install the software. Is there a place you got your software for a US OS that you could share?
THank you

Comment by Larry

Posted on August 2nd, 2007

I have the same software problem and need to solve
is there place I can get this correct CD for English version

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