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Posted November 13th, 2007 in Mobile Phones, PDAs and Peripherals

Yesterday, November 12 Google revealed SDK for it’s mobile devices operation system, Android.




Well, at last, that very expected Motorola Q9h is on sale from November 2nd for a  price of $200 (might be temporary)

  • Windows Mobile 6
  • HSDPA (not sure yet if it’s 3.6Mbps)
  • GPS with TeleNav, 2 megapixel camera
  • Good 5, Express Mail, the standard software package

Posted November 6th, 2007 in Miscellaneous and Mobile Phones


Another nudge to iPhone. Time named iPhone the “Invention of the year” for five reasons.

1. The iPhone is pretty

2. It’s touchy-feely

3. It will make other phones better

4. It’s not a phone, it’s a platform

5. It is but the ghost of iPhones yet to come

When all that is left from the mankind would be a capsule with Google, E.T. would think that iPhone is a term for all phones. Like that Xerox thing.



Some time passed from Asus Eee Pc launch in China, and it came more or less en mass. We gathered our opinion on that ultraportable gadget from Asus as well as a compilation of other reviews.

What Asus Eee PC is?

It definitly is a value for it’s money, it is innovative and cheap with lots of potential. It’s the new class of laptops — totally upgraded version od the internet console concept. Now you can get online everywhere. Looks like Asus definitly has a winner.



Oh, and by the way, here is a sweet company to our luxury pack. These are iPhones, encrusted with hundreds of diamonds. The creator of this mod, Amosu, is known for loading up mobile phones with precious gems and metals. This precious iPhone has 420 diamonds (5.65 carats), and can be set in 18-karat white or yellow gold.

This iPhone — over $40,000. Reading Gadgetsmonkey.com — priceless.


This new Ibiza player has a full subscription to the Rhapsody-To-Go service, you’ll be able to download over 4 million tracks wirelessly to your player whenever you’ve got a Wi-Fi connection. The player also has built-in bluetooth for wireless headphone connectivity. The player offers a bright 320×240 Samsung color display, and can also play back video content from the Rhapsody store. Like the Zune, it’s also got an FM radio with RDS service. It’s even got a web browser built in, but I can’t imagine how challenging that would be to navigate sans keyboard. [more]


The Apple MacBook is finally on Santa Rosa architecture with a GMA X3100 video bump from the GMA 950 for significant benefits. And the MacBook Pro can now be configured with an optional 2.6GHz Core 2 Duo for a $250 premium over the previous 2.4GHz flag-ship configuration.


What are your favorite donuts? Mine are chocolate, but strawberry and, maybe mint of pistachio are also available. Check out these little USB flash drives from Vavolo.


Here is smart UMPC  B1 by Wibrain thate is “targeted at the overseas market.” and not just the Korean market.It will surely have 4-inch WSVGA screen, a 30GB or 60GB hard drive, and mobile WiMAX in addition to standard 3G options.


It’ll be on the Korean market in the end of the year. But what about overseas?

Here comes another digital audio player called UP3 by LG. The all metal UP3 comes in 1GB, 2GB, 4GB of storage; an FM radio; MP3, WMA, and OGG audio and ASF video support; tiny OLED display supporting 65,000 colors.

4GB will cost you just about $92. And it’s called UP3 for you not to forget using it also as a flash drive. Witty move, indeed, but no word on availability or pricing.

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