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Sharp Corporation created a 2.2-inch super-thin LCD for mobile devices with only 0.68 mm thick. This new  delivers superior image quality approaching that of an LCD TV thanks to a high contrast ratio of 2000:1, wide viewing angle of 176°, and fast response speed of 8 ms, which are among the highest levels in the industry.

Sharp Mobile Advanced Super View LCD will be exhibited at FPD International 2007 to be held at Pacifico Yokohama on October 24 to 26.

We already have one million dollar laptop, but we have found the complete set for extra-luxury. The Luvaglio laptop activates only when you insert the unique colored diamond that’s included, making the gem a power button, security device, and conversation starter all rolled into one. but you’ll surely need a mouse, speakers and some USB flash device.

See the whole set inside of this article.



There is a huge variety of tech and gadgets stuff under the children-oriented brands — from tons of Hello Kitty merchandise to even Disney’s Vinnie the Pooh flash drives but Barbie managed to stay quite in old-fashion. but now is something completely different. Pinkaholics and girls cheer up — there is now pink iPod doc / FM radio / alarm clock in the pinkish fuchsia color imaginable.

This is madness. THIS IS BARBIE.

This is totally serious business — this new limited edition model from Audio-Technica. The ATH-A900ti is a special version of the company’s A900 audiophile headphones in a special titanium finish.


The headphones’ Neodymium drivers offer 5Hz to 42kHz frequency response range, 103dB sensitivity, and up to 2-watts of input power, right thing to blow your mind with your favourite album. The phones feature large, comfortable earcups that provide great noise isolation.

They available for pre-order in North America for $499 in a very limited number. As for me, they’d look totally good with Bang & Olufsen Beosound 6.

Posted October 27th, 2007 in Gaming, Geek Toys and Miscellaneous

Now your Nintendo DS Lite can get the metal treatment with this set of 24-karat gold decals.


The SGP Metal kit for the DS Lite is a complete set of self-adhesive gold-plated trim. The decals add metallic details on the cover, around the screens, joystick and buttons of the console. Silver (nickel) version available.

I’m a big fan of witty gadgets, like these R2 D2 speakers but The Nexspeaker FS-701SW sound system is a pure bliss. The left and right channel speakers (7.5-watts each) are embedded into the sails, and the boat’s hull serves as the woofer (15-watts).


The Nexspeaker is currently only available in Korea; it’s available from eShopworld for 52,000 KRW (appx. $57 USD).



And now for something completely different. There is a whole galaxy of iPod docks and speakers existing, like even this luxury one, but Griffin’s Evolve Wireless iPod speakers are truly wireless. With lithium-ion batteries in speakers, Griffin says they can be placed anywhere within 150 feet once charged via the dock station. Whole ten hours of playing time sound really promising. The base station’s line-in cradle accepts a stereo input from practically any source but base station, however still needs a power cord.

So it’s not only the iPod that you can listen to for only $300. Wirelessly.

ipod_speakers_2-thumb.jpg ipod_speakers_3-thumb.jpg

Yesterday we wrote about new Sony camera DSC-T2 with 4 gb Flash memory onboard. And today I’ve found this.


This picture of 2-nd generation Nanos is dated September 12-th, 2006 while those glossy Sony’s digital cameras are freshly baked.

Whether Sony’s designers and art directors are Apple fanboys or it’s just a custom and usual industry steal, Sony should change it’s motto to like.no.other.except.some.

(via Japanese Engadget )


Last week it was Hello Kitty phone. This week it’s finally 3G phone with a Hello Kitty and Snoppy theme. The Toshiba 815T will feature 7 panels each for Hello Kitty and Snoopy. The phone comes with Hello Kitty bag, cell phone strap and jewel box same is the case with Snoopy. The phone comes preloaded with themed wallpapers, screensavers, ringtones etc. The Toshiba 815T has a 2.4 inch screen, HSDPA for high speed downloads and Felica for making wireless payments. With face recognition you can be assured that your secrets will never be out as the phone can be unlocked only by you.

Japan only. Why? Why? It looks like a total dream thing to me.



T-911 a 3G slider with TV tuner with recording capabilities. Crosp 3 inch display sports a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels and has protective glass. Other features include Bluetooth, TV out, 3 Megapixel camera, Felica, Media player, GPS and Micro SD card slot.

The Toshiba T-911 measures 51×113×18.6mm and weighs 141 grams. It will be available in white, gold, brown and pink.

Japan only, sorry.

toshiba_t911_2-thumb.jpg toshiba_t911_3-thumb.jpg

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