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transformers-earphones.jpgHow many times have you wanted to wear Transformers on your ears? None you say? Well that’s just weird. These Transformer headphones allow you to wear your choice of Frenzy or Ramble on your ears. We just hope they don’t transform into a bull horn or something while on our ears.

The headphones come with a retractable cord for easy transportation and knot forming, and is a great way to show off your fanboy-ism to all of the other They Might Be Giants listeners of the world. Available now for $38.

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motherclock1.jpgThis 14 inch motherboard wall clock is one piece of geekery that will surely keep you on time for the next lecture on quantum physics you’ve been planning to attend. While we might not know all of the inner workings of hardware, we do know that motherboards look really friggen cool when placed on display on a wall.

iphonevsnewton.jpgHere is a side by side image of Apple’s iPhone and Newton devices. You might not realize it, but at one point, Newton was the top technological advancement of the day. And the difference in size, well, that just speaks for itself.

Compared to the iPhone, Newton looks like a prop from an Ed Wood movie. Or maybe even some biological diseased monster of some sort.

hdwalk1.jpgIf you love taking videos with your HDV cameras, but would love to actually watch them in all of their glory while you’re on vacation or in a remote area, you might have just lucked out. Sony has announced the world’s first HD video Walkman, a portable outlet for HD video. The Sony GV-HD700E will play HDV 1080i as well as miniDV tapes.

fuji.jpgRight on the heels of Fujifilm’s announcement of their IS Pro, they now present their S800FD point and shoot. The S800FD seems like a nice transition if you are wanting to make the jump to DSLR.

imac_keyboard_leaked_photo_1.jpgThe rumors of new iMac and its cool sleek keyboard just won’t die. Today Engadget received some pictures of the rumored aluminum bread thin slice keyboard from a tipster. Many Apple sites are reporting that the new iMac will be announce in August and speculation on how it looks has been buzzing recently.


The SkyScout is a revolutionary handheld device that uses advanced GPS technology with point and click convenience to identify thousands of stars, planets, constellations and more.
Simply point the SkyScout at any star in the sky and click the target button. The SkyScout will tell you what object you are looking at.


phoebusmb6000.jpgSharing a 3G connection via a wireless router is nothing new, but in the past it has required a bland, sterile box built to look like a Wi-Fi access point. That certainly isn’t the case with Top Global’s Phoebus, which draws its engineering innovation from the greatest engineers of all, the ancient pharaohs. Though you won’t find many precious goodies buried in this little Luxor, you will find an 802.11b/g router that will share your standard 3G card (EV-DO, EDGE, etc.) with your neighbors. If internet access is scarce and your crew needs to hit MySpace in a hurry, drop your pyramid on the table and have at it.

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