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screenshot_8_07.jpgEgo have released the Ego Love Edition notebook in time for Valentines day which features a special handmade leather skin. The Ego Love Edition notebook’s are finished in pink and red leather. A large red heart decorates the middle of the skin, on top is a red leather bow with a silver heart attached that can be engraved with any message you like. A red and black version is also available

nokia_e90_communicator-thumb.jpgThe E90 has a dual hinge which allows it to open like a 9500 or fold-up flat like the 9300. Though the phone is not officialy announced by Nokia its specs are already out, EDGE, Wi-Fi and HSDPA. A suprising addition is the 3.2 Megapixel camera. The E90 will be running on the Series 60 3rd edition operating system. It also has a secondary VGA camera for video conferencing. The external screen has 240 x 320 pixel resolution, but the shocker is the internal screen with a resolution of 800×352 pixels. No info is available on the Processor speed, Internal memory but what we do know is that the E90 supports Micro SD cards.

samsung_k3red_03.jpgSo here’s Samsung’s slim K3 mp3-player in “wine red”color. That could be nice Valentine’s Day present, for sure, but it won’t ship anywhere ’till summer. But it sure looks cool.

asus-aura-concept-sm.jpg So, everyone who waited the Apple iPhone and wondered if there can be a better phone, than here is something. Asus shown the brilliant Aura phone concept which is slimmer than the slimmest and the slickest one around. The phone has a frontal adorned by a fantastic 3.9 inch LCD screen that surfaces the entire phone. A touchscreen, yes!

That’s not all; the 97×49×6mm frame also accommodates a 2 megapixel shooter, a QWERTY keyboard that is ridiculously slender and a microSD card slot. as far as network and connectivity specs are concerned, there’s a lot to smile about as it provides support for GSM, HSPDA, UMTS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The second really nice try after the LG Prada KE850 in challenging the iPhone.

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avd_wlca_3.jpgOh, you have an iPod. And here is an anti-theft case for it. You just need to slide your iPod into this plastic case, close it with a lock, and you can securely leave your iPod attached anywhere (almost anywhere). Detailed pictures below the cut. [more]

merlin_m720.jpg 3G wireless networks were getting quite a bit of press indirectly through the controversy that was the iPhone and the absense of 3G compatability. Well, on a different note, Mac users are going to have access to the 3G network on their computers now. Sprint and Novatel have developed an card compatable with ExpressCard/34 called the Merlin EX720. It allows for a average download speeds of up to 600 Kbps - 1.4 Mbps and average upload speeds of 350-500 Kbps. When it ships, the drivers for Mac OS X will come along with it, and it will cost a hefty $179.99 with a contract.

20070208130714890_1.jpg Samsung announced its latest addition to their Ultra line of phones with the Ultra Smart F700. Or as we like to call it, the only phone we’ve seen with the potential to be the iPhone killer. The phone will be displayed at the 3GSM World Congress.

The F700 has a pretty looking touchscreen, which happens to be very iPhone-esque. Samsung goes one step ahead of Apple in this case and adds in a QWERTY keyboard. Accessible after the touch screen slides out of place.

The F700 isn’t only a pretty face, but has the features to back it up. VibeTonz technology adds a vibration to every button so users can tell where their hands are. The F700 also delivers a “drag and drop” like interface on the touchscreen, meaning easier navigation and control for us users.


The Ultra Smart reflects the latest speed of 7.2 Mbps under the High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) network.

A full HTML browser along with the QWERTY key pad enables easy access to the internet for e-mail and data services.

The device features 5 mega-pixel camera with auto focus and Bluetooth. With 7.2 Mbps HSDPA, it makes it easier to watch videos, listen to songs, share high-quality photos, or catch up on email on the move.

Can Samsung bring the iPhone down a peg? We shall see.

porsche-p9611-954.jpgNavigon released new GPS system called the P9611, which is the result of their work with Porsche. Using the MobileNavigator Premium software, it enhances the navigation user experience with an impressive list of smart, intuitive category-leading features such as superior text-to-speech capabilities, “street first” or “city first” destination entry, and predictive spelling support. Other software features include actual sign text, speed warnings, and automatic increases in navigation message volume to compensate for driving noise. And a high-contrast 480 x 272 touch screen, 520 MHz Intel CPU, dual processor platform, graphics accelerator chip, 64 MB of both RAM and ROM, high sensitivity GPS receiver, hands-free Bluetooth communications kits, high quality built-in speakers, MP3 player and a windshield cradle.

All we have is nothing more than somewhat believable rumor mill material, but it seems that Canon just might be readying a 22-megapixel beast of a digicam that would come in “around half the size of the firm’s EOS-1DS Mark II.” Codenamed the 1DS Mark III, this DSLR is said to have been behind a few photo shoots seen in recent editions of Vanity Fair, and Canon is reportedly “hustling to make lenses that will work with what this body can resolve,” not to mention the possibility of a “new mount for an entirely new lens design.” While this certainly isn’t the first big-name digicam to start in depths of shadows, we purportedly won’t see it surface (or not) until this fall, as the elusive 1DS Mark III won’t be shown to the public before the PhotoPlus Expo in October (if it’s proven real at all).

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