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lightsaber.jpgYou can whistle the tune of Imperial March? You know, how wookies greet each other? You have a small replica of R2D2 inside your house and big replica of Han’s Solo ship outside in the yard? Even if no, and you are just simple jedi or sith, meet the newly updated lightsaber that can play music.

I mean it has MP3 player with 8GB of memory built and it has Bluetooth connectivity. There is an LCD display plus there is a 25 watt RMS speaker; also USB 2.0 ports.

And may the Force be with you!

Posted January 31st, 2007 in Media Players

busted-zune.jpgAt last, I have found something interesting about Zune. According to Engadget, Microsoft Call center recently received numerous reports of the Zune screen cracking for no apparent reason, after being left charging overnight. Seems like it’s lithium ion battery is expanding from overheating and putting too much pressure on the screen, causing it to crack. It is truth or dare, of course, but did any of you suffer the same?

via Engadget

speakers.jpgThese nice black speakers by Voix MPX are towers of sound for you, happy iPod owners. The docking station on it enables you to connect your iPod comfortably on it. However, it also provides connectivity with any device with a 3.5mm earphone socket. These come with Woofer 2 inches (x 4) and a one inch tweeter.There also is an Infra-red remote, in-built amplifier and a maximum output of 72W.

The Voix MPX system costs about ??270 ($527).

Posted January 31st, 2007 in Laptops

ferrari-vx2-13.jpgAwwww, there is something luxury and about cars and hi-tech and not Acer Ferrari. The new edition of the ASUS-Lamborghini notebook is certainly the result of great efforts from both the design and computing technology sides. Lamborghini VX2, just as its predecessor will offer that sensational sports car feeling to its owners. It should be with a 15.4-inch WSXGA+ display, Centrino Pro or Core 2 Extreme, 512mb NVIDIA 8700, have VGA as well as 1394, S/PDIF, 1.3 megapixel camera. Unfortunately, there’s no word on when the VX2 will actually ship or its estimated price as of yet.

Let’s guess, who’ll be the next. Sony Lexus? Dell Cadillac? Or, maybe, Macbook Maybach?

buffalo2_1.jpgBuffalo corp Japan has announced the Tiny Collection of USB Flash drives. The USB 2.0 flash drive is compatible with Windows and Mac OS as well and will offer 512 MB of storage. Three Disney characters starting with Mickey Mouse steering a mouse, Winnie the Pooh gobbling Honey and Stitch riding the waves. There will be only 5000 units of each figure so you’d better be in a haste to buy them.

The drives will be available in Japan from February 22 for 3980 Yen ($ 33).

Posted January 30th, 2007 in Media Players

galleryfrontback20070130all440pxl.jpgHello there new iPod shuffles. Now not only in battleship-grey origins, the $79 iPod shuffle now hits in your choice of pink, green, blue, and even orange flavor.

The same 1GB and 12 hours of battery, and yes it’s available with free laser engraving just in time for Valentines Day. And with support of 2G earphones.

samsung_l74.jpg Let’s have a look - 28 mm wide angle lens, seven megapixel CCD, 450 MB of internal memory, MPEG-4 SVGA video recording and a 3.0″ Touch Screen LCD. A lot for that small baby. It is equipped with a 3.6x optical zoom, Tour Guide function, Face Recognition AF & AE, which detects the subject’s face, automatically adjusts auto focus and auto exposure too. The touch screen LCD perfected with Samsung’s original Flash GUI (Graphic User Interface), allows the user to navigate through the functions quite easily. Its possible to capture the best possible images even in dimly lit conditions thanks to the ASR image stabilization system. It can capture moving images in MPEG-4 SVGA quality and once taken the camera allows for pictures to be edited rather than waiting till you sat at on the computer to do it.

The Samsung L74 Wide is priced at $ 350 and should be on sale this spring.

hello-kitty-usb-footwarmers.jpgAt last, in the middle of winter we have something to keep our happy feet warm.

And if it was my will - all of quite useless-bit-fun peripherals would be Hello Kitty.

So girlish and would help Hello Kitty to conquer the world.

meizu_m8.jpgGuys from Meizu rock. Realy, remember that strange familiar-looking mp3-player? Now they went even further - look at a thing that is called the Meizu M8 PMP/Phone. I love the last name. However, this one comes with an excellent 3 megapixel camera and a 3.3 inch LCD display. It runs on WinCE 6.0 and supports GSM networks. Loads of features stuffed into this one including TV out and Line in/out. But what a design!

The price of this iPhone clone Meizu M8 PMP/Phone is not yet known to us. Go ahead, guys, create Meizu laptop, you know, white and shiny and all the stuff.

Posted January 30th, 2007 in Miscellaneous

iluv-i182.jpgThe iLuv i182 dock helps to record video content to another iPod or certain media cards. The entire setup consists of a dock and an adapter that helps in recording of video to various external media. It can transfer media to both SD and MMC cards. It provides with the capability of recording media from various sources like DVD players, TV sets, camcorders, etc. Time intervals can be set to each recording so that you can regulate your record time and memory consumed. These intervals range from 30, 60, 120, or 180 minutes. It is also possible to synch the device with a PC or a Mac. With all these capabilities, we can say that here’s another well thought of accessory to the ever flexible iPod.

No idea how much the iLuv i182 will cost.
It’ll be availible in March for $229.99, thanks for the comment.

via iLounge

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