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In Bourgas Airport (Bulgaria) a young man was arrested for cocaine smuggling, while using an empty iPod Nano case for carrying stuff.

The original iPod LCD screen was replaced with its paper imitation — a printed image of a working iPod, playing Dr. Alban’s “No coke” song.

An amount of approximately 7 grams of cocaine was seized. It is still unknown, whether it was full iPod Nano capacity or it was already slightly “discharged”.

This is first known accident with iPod Nano case used as personal drug container. It certainly beats Kate Moss idea of using Faberge egg for keeping cocaine.

iPod Ripper Hammacher Schlemmer is hawking a new universal iPOD RIPPER that “converts any type of video or audio, including cassette tapes, vinyl records, television shows, and VHS tapes” and puts it on your iPod — no PC or Mac required. It comes with all the RCA, S-Video and other cables you need.

The converter plugs into any audio or video device equipped with RCA connections and S-Video (standard on nearly all A/V components) with its included audio/video cables. Simply push the record button, and content is converted to digital MP3 (audio) or MPEG4 (video) format, three hours of 320 x 240 resolution video content takes up approximately 1 GB, and is stored immediately onto an iPod (video iPod required for video content). Data can also be uploaded to a USB flash drive or USB hard drive plugged into the converters USB port; it automatically detects if it has attached an iPod or USB key. Plugs into AC.

Source: hammacher.com

LG SB190 See LG’s latest mobile phone, the SB190 just revealed in Korea. It’s a relatively small phone featuring DMB, GPS, MP3 Player, 1.3 Mpix Camera and a host of other features. No word on price and availability but we understand it will be soon available at SK Telecom and perhaps later in Europe. All we can do is wait and see whether there will be any updates.

Source: Cetizen

Posted December 29th, 2006 in Media Players

iPod Amoeba

Apple Corp. has announced that the 2007 release of its newest music player, the iPod Amoeba, has been delayed indefinitely due to a flaw in the overall design. Company officials are hesitant to speculate when the Amoeba may be ready for the consumer market.

“We really have no idea how this even got out of R&M,” said Apple chief designer Jonathan Ive. “We will be issuing refunds to everyone who pre-ordered the Amoeba because at this time, we can’t even say if it will be available at all in 2007.”


Reading on The Move A new devcice called ROEM (short for Reading on The Move), allows users to roll up paper easily, and be able to read the papers normally afterwords. The type of paper is noted as ???electronic paper???, something we have never seen before. Ofcourse, this is all a design concept and was created by one Ben Lai.

The screen would contain piezoelectric material, and would eventually allow colours to be displayed. The device rolls up so that you would never tell it was an electronic paper device! The best part is the type of charging it uses: fanning the screen.

The ROEM would be able to be used as a photo displayer, language-aid, MP3 player, and even a navigation tool. Dictionary software would be included, along with sizable fonts.

Source: Yanko Design


Posted December 28th, 2006 in Geek Toys and Miscellaneous

Knockman Knockman is a cute, little plastic knick-knack that pounds its head with its fist. Once wound up by pumping the other arm, Knockman’s fist starts pounding away. If you position another Knockman near by, you can even move the fist to pound on the second Knockman’s head. The smiles on their faces make them look happy while they are doing this!

Knockman has other buddies too. Kerotama is wound using the spring on top of his head, and a ball circles around him, creating a whoosh sound. ChaCha is wound the same way, although he has a mini-symbol that pounds when let go. Perhaps the coolest one is Pololon. His arm slides against three guitar-like strings that produce a cool sound. You can even tune the strings by opening an enclosure at the top of his head!

There’s also another one who’s name I’m almost afraid to say: Colon. He jiggles as chimes inside of him move back and forth creating a wind-chime sound.

Source knockman

Brando  USB phonebook Brando has begun offering its USB Phonebook Flash Drive for frequent cellphone users. Equipped with adapters for common Nokia, Samsung, and Sony-Ericsson phones, the flash drive’s sole purpose is to transfer a phone’s contact list to or from the handset for backup and editing. The actual phonebook has two buttons on it, along with a light.

The software that is included in the unit works with Windows 98SE all the way to Windows XP, and no extra driver is needed. Infact, the software is already built into the phonebook so you need not install anything. You can then upload the contacts to your phone in “one touch”.

The device is only USB 1.1 compliant, and making it USB 2.0 would speed up the transferring of contacts. The USB Phonebook Flash Drive can be purchased for $20.50 over at Brando’s website. You can choose either the Nokia, Sony Ericcson, or Samsung edition.

Posted December 28th, 2006 in Peripherals

SD to USB Its application is limited to those of you toting around SD card devices (my camera, for example, would be a good candidate for this chip), but instead of plugging in your digital camera or smart phone into your computer to download/upload information, why not just pop the information onto an SD card and transfer it that way? ‘But I don’t have a card reader,’ you say. Ah, but this SD card from Proporta has a USB connection on one end! Clever!

Coming in a 2 GB capacity for about $110, with available memory card holder or key ring, both made out of aluminum (sold separately for another two or three dollars), the Proporta SD card fits in the same slot as the rest of your SD cards, which means you don’t have to worry about the USB plug sticking out and breaking on something. A very cool idea and one I could see having applications across a number of flash memory types.

# 2GB SD card will work in USB port without an adapter;
# Card goes directly from PPC to computer;
# Aluminum card holder protects and organizes memory cards.

# 2GB SD card is expensive considering current SD prices.

Source: Pocket PC Thoughts

iLink dock The iPod is a wonderful product hindered by one basic flaw - analog outputs. The digital format of its audio files are converted within the iPod, which negates any attempt to create true-to-CD audio. This means that no matter how much money an audiophile spends on iPod docking stations that boast great sound, the quality will not come close to a CD played on a high-end system.

A company called MSB Technology is attempting to tap into this lucrative and exclusive demographic with its iLink Docking System for the iPod. On its own the iLink isn’t particularly special, but when it’s coupled with an MSB-upgraded iPod it can output true digital audio, something the analog-only iPod has never been capable of doing. You can either opt to send your own 5.5G iPod to MSB — where they’ll upgrade it for you for $199 and provide their own warranty — or you can go for the full $1995 iLink system — which includes an iPod upgrade, and an iLink dock that taps into a digital audio enabled iPod’s dock connector. Although we don’t claim to be audiophiles ourselves, we see a couple of potential problems here, not least the issue of the iPod being an inherently flawed device to market to audiophiles (compressed music = bad). The other little niggle is the two grand price tag, which isn’t too far removed from the asking prices of the high-end CD players it’s designed to replace.

Source: iPodObserver

Posted December 28th, 2006 in Mobile Phones

Eclipse Phone This “Eclipse Design Phone”, as envisioned by Rune Larsen, features only the bare necessities: an illuminated keypad and a display that conveniently slides into the case when not in use. No word yet on if this concept will hit stores. Here’s what Gizmodo has to say:

This makes us wonder. Are people actually interested in higher megapixel counts, more memory, more connectivity, more media playback, and more everything in their phones? Or do they only want one like this, simple and for phone-use only? What’s your reasoning for each?

Source: gizmodo

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