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lomo oktomat 8 lens camera If you’ve never heard of the Oktomat camera, let us introduce you…the Oktomat for the most part looks like most other 35mm cameras of the past but this baby’s got 8 eyes instead of 1!

Now you’re probably asking yourself, “why do I need eight lenses?” And the simple reason is because its way cooler than one. With the push of a button, all 8 eyes will snap individual frames with a 2 second interval between each eye’s shot, creating an instant work of art.

Some will look much cooler than others but your sure to have at least a few masterpieces and with a little practice you’ll quickly be come an expert.

To see more samples of what the pictures will turn out like check out Lomography, a site devoted entirely to the Lomo Oktomat. After you get yourself your own Oktomat, you can even submit your own masterpieces and make short video clips of your pictures on the site.

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