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Posted August 3rd, 2006 in Miscellaneous

Just in case golfing isn’t frustrating enough, now you can drive this remote control ball around and drive your friends crazy. Just swap the remote control ball in for your friends and use the tiny remote control to drive the ball wherever you want. If you’ve got kids this would be hilarious to bring to a putt-putt course for a little family fun.

More sophisticated than mundane golf stunts, this is the worlds most advanced practical joke golf ball. Detailed to resemble a real golf ball, it zigs and zags at a touch of the remote control, allowing you to fool golf partners as they watch putts drift wide of the cup at your command. The joystick on the discrete remote control lets you direct the ball within a 100′ range. The ball can operate on three different, selectable frequencies, allowing you to race two at a time. Runs on the included 1.2-volt NiMH rechargeable battery for up to four hours on a single charge; the transmitter requires one 9V battery, and the recharger requires two AA batteries.

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